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Re: Should i Follow my HEART or my HEAD?

Absolutely no one can make that decision for you. As you live in a culture far beyond my understanding, where family is included in every part of your personal life choice, I can't even imagine being in your situation. I see you love and respect your parents but life it what it is. You will have to be a grown up and make some grown up decisions. If the option of you reasoning your parents up and making them realize how you feel and what you want and that you are prepared to deal with the consequences of your future life is not possible, then you will have to leave your family obviously and go against their will.

So you want to marry a Muslim. I know that is possible because Christianity and Islam are both religions of the book. Is he a an orthodox Muslim? I mean.. he follows all the rules? Because if that is true. Have you spoken about the future you would have to have. I know not all Islamic people are the same. But I also know that your children must be Muslim, no matter what religion you are (as his spouse). And the veil issue? And what about his family? Have you cleared all of these issues out? I know "Romeo and Juliette" is a passionate way to live and feel right now, but once reality kicks you to the curbs, love might not be enough..