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What am I feeling?

I'll go down in the books as being one of those guys that was really possessive of his girlfriend. We were together for a relatively long time, and for the most part had a decent relationship. The only problem was that I was careless of what she wanted. According to her I was way too clingy and treated her like an object more than a person. So in turn she broke up with me so that I can realize how easy it is for me to lose someone as great as her.

However after the break-up I was given a lot of heat from her friends. Note she doesn't know these people that well, they only just met, but she listens to them for some reason. I know that the break-up put a strain on both of us since we shared a lot of our personal belongings. And in an attempt to create space, I was pretty much cut out of all the things that we bought together. But as I was saying, the break-up hurt her and myself. It became hard for her to look me in the eyes when she talked to me, when we met. For her the less she talked to me or saw me the easier it was for her to keep her resolve up.

We had broken up before and that only lasted a few days because we talked alone and she looked into my eyes and I saw love in them (or what I thought was love). The only problem is that this time her new friends don't want to leave her alone with me to talk. It's come to the point that they take matters into their own hands, hacking into her email account and such and chatting with me while attempting to impersonate her; they do this and make it seem as if she's telling me that she hates me when she clearly told me that she still loved me and wanted me to just "grow up" and "change" (mature). Also note that they didn't really capture her personality, they said things that she would never say EVER.

So my situation here is that I have recently tried to explain to her that her new friends are harassing me and trying to rip apart the relationship we have, even though we are broken-up at the time. She doesn't believe me since I have no solid proof, but recently after much digging I found the proof that I needed. I even got a prank call from the harasser (something that I've been getting for over a month now under an unknown caller) and it seems this time around not only did this person call me and my best friend, but they also managed to forget to block their own number.

I pulled some strings, called up a cop friend of mine, and although it may be illegal, I had the number traced. It was a cellular phone number under a certain name, and when I checked her friends list on Facebook, this person was on that list. I mean now not only do I have screen shot proof of this person hacking her accounts but also legitimate proof of them calling me. But for some reason I feel as if I shouldn't bother telling her. I don't know why. I mean I love her and want her to be happy, and she seems happy now with these new friends of her. I know what everyone says, that if you love someone let them go, but these guys aren't all that great.

They treat her like a tool. Boss her around. And she is like their babysitter/mother (one of the reason why she broke up with me is because I made her feel as such). And yet she tolerates it. I mean I thought it was because she always told me that she would rather make friends than enemies. I don't what to do. What exactly am I feeling?