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Re: Is it possible to be a heartless Buddha?

Daniel Birdick

If I understand you this time, then I agree. That is how it has been for me. I am no more a compassion filled bliss bunny than I was prior to my experience. But I thought it would be. Like I said, I like to examine various implications of whatever idea I am examining at the moment, if there are any. When it came to my "satori" moment, I assumed there would be massive implications, but in my case, there wasn’t.

What is this experience your saying you had? If the experience was the greater enlightenment discussed for example of Dogen Kigen (Zen Master from the 1200's) in the 95 chapter book The Shobogenzo, then it would raise the question of "Who is the I who can be compassion filled?." And are you filled with anything, and if so, what?

Re: Is it possible to be a heartless Buddha?

Enlightenment is a Gamble

Time to cash in your chips
put your ideas and beliefs on the table.
See who has the bigger hand, you
or the Mystery that pervades you.

Time to scrape the mind's shit
off your shoes
undo the laces
that hold your prison together
and dangle your toes into emptiness.

Once you've put everything
on the table
once all of your currency is gone
and your pockets are full of air
all you've got left to gamble with
is yourself.

Go ahead, climb up onto the velvet top
of the highest stakes table.
Place yourself as the bet.
Look God in the eyes
and finally
for once in your life