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Re: To all the people getting guilt-destroyed over a childhood sex exploration.

Are you suggesting that you simply like hurting people and seeing the opportunity to do so in this scenario, you would capitalize on the already occuring violent behavior of others? If that is the case, why take on the role of helping the victim?

Not hurting people; fighting. The side that's winning offers me the harder fight, so I'd take the losing side.

And since you suggest you'd leave the victim if you came along after the violence, what if you were successful at causing the gang to disperse and victim was left there hurt. Would you still offer no assistance?

Of course not. Once you've fought for someone, it would seem strange if you just walked away, don't you think?

On a side note, do you participate in Mixed Martial Arts or Boxing or any sanctioned sports that involve fighting or do you merely enjoy brawling spontaneously?

I used to do karate and taekwondo, but these things cost. Anyway, I prefer an all out, no holds barred sort of fight.

Re: To all the people getting guilt-destroyed over a childhood sex exploration.

the parallel would be, why does a sociopath cause harm on something or someone when it has no real long-term strategy behind it, as in sadism?
the reason is that just cos something doesn't serve as a tactical tool to further oneself in this life it doesn't mean you can always switch off that thing that comes naturally to you.
and what comes naturally to these people is a sense of responsibility, it's evolutionary, like I said, these people are needed.

and what is 'wrong' but a word to determine what is a prefered action versus a less prefered one.
it's a trickling down effect. incest and rape are frowned upon for a reason, and any action which seems to point in that direction, however small or innocent or god forbid, natural, sets up the guilt.

they may rationally acknowledge that it is natural and therefore not 'wrong,' but the feelings will still remain. which came first, the guilt or being told by someone else/or yourself that what you did is wrong? I'd say it is the feelings, which is why it may be hard to shake off.

whose idea of perfection is it? i think it's parents, society, and a large part comes from genes.

All three of you made some pretty intelligent and reasonable posts out here. And I hope they are read and understood by all of the obsessive "guilters" (including myself) lol