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Re: God damn sociopathy.

A sliding scale? I dunno. Dr. Robert just goes by the last one; if you've felt guilt, you're not a sociopath. The way he does it makes the most sense to me. By Dr. Robert's definition and in my opinion, you are not a sociopath. Does that make you feel better?

It makes me feel better yes. Can you comment on this particular instance of guilt to confirm that it is guilt?

Possibly due to my own insecurity and my father having done the same to me, I have in the past humiliated my younger brother on numerous ocasions when he has put himself in a vunerable position like... doing and impression or telling a joke (small things). I have, often straight after causing humiliation, felt.. well i guess maybe guilt is too pure to describe too well? I've felt sadness.. regret at how i've made him feel because he is my little brother and... well I can't explain it rationally because i guess it's an instinctual feeling. It just gives me a lot of regret for making him feel like i have felt before. And It makes me sad to think that he looks up to me and respects me but I have made him feel like crap. I feel responsible.

So, yeh i guess that is guilt?

Re: God damn sociopathy.

Well, I'm not really clear on what guilt is or how it feels, but what you're describing sounds like guilt to me. I make fun of my younger siblings all the time. I've made one of them self-conscious about her weight, I've made another one think she's retarded, and on and on. I've never felt anything like what you're describing. Sometimes I guess I feel a little cheap, like what I'm doing is too easy to be fun, but that's all. Feeling sadness and regret for making someone who looks up to you feel bad is definitely non-sociopathic behavior. I'd say you're in the clear.