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Re: Am I stupid or am I insane?

given the two choices you offer i'd have to agree with Hexi and select 'stupid.'

But it's okay, everyone your age is stupid and overacts to significant emotional strain. You'll eventually get a handle on it as you mature through years, and years of experiences and deep personal introspection. Doesn't happen over a weekend. sure, you can learn something insightful, but it takes time to incorporate that into your personality to the point someone would say, "you've matured."

you're learning these lessons now. so, pay attention to how you are acting, and how your actions affect others and make you feel.

I can't tell you what you're going to learn from all this, but i can tell you that maturity is figuring it out and actually improving yourself because of it.

A word of advise: you're in college, Get drunk, Get high, Get laid. Rinse, repeat. Don't flunk out, and don't stress about relationships. you'll have a whole F-ing lifetime with a wife to stress about relationships. Have some fun, meet some girls --a lot of girls (sounds fun right?) and figure out what kind of girls you like, personality wise.

Because the one you're into right now is not into you, dude.

Don't be that guy.

Don't be that guy that only chases chicks that don't want to be with him. it's weak. it's pathetic. it's narcissistic, and laaaame.

and quit letting that bitch take your money, cut it out, man! Quit giving her the milk for free!