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sexual experimentation

am a 39 year old woman who feels very uncomfortable/guilty about an experience she had as an eleven year old girl. I was sent away to a boarding school at the age of 9. I frequently engaged in covert masturbation from an early age but one night I did it in front of a friend of the same age in the same bed. At one part both our hands were guiding it (i don't recall who instigated this). this is the only time this happened but i remember feeling very uncomfortable about it after wards. some time later she asked me whether we could do it again but i felt very embarrassed/mortified and did not want to. that was the end of it but over the years i have often thought about it and felt very uncomfortable and though my friend wanted to repeat the experience i still feel terribly guilty. Please give me some guidance?

Re: sexual experimentation

You did nothing wrong.

Please. Stop punishing yourself for being human. Best to you.

Re: sexual experimentation

i agree, if you have read my story i did alot more and i understand how your feeling. once it came back to me i worried and obsessed about it for over a month and trust me it does you no good, ive also realised how many people have actually expeienced this as children, must prove we are only human. x