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Re: An Emotional Infant

Don't worry about that Greek a-hole Anthropussy, Doc. Ever since he stepped in it here, he doesn't have the guts to speak for himself anymore. It's all just spam now. The guy's a total wuss. Man up, Anthropussy, you jerk.

You tried to convince us all that you are some kind of savior of humanity and a brilliant intellect, but each time you leave some spam here you are just rubbing more shit on yourself, Anthrowuss, and I am laughing at you just covered with your own shit.

Re: An Emotional Infant

Maybe he is just lonely.

Re: An Emotional Infant

Yes, he probably is lonely. He is trying to make everyone think he is better than they are, and that must be a very lonely place. But this guy really stunk up this forum last time he hung out here, writing all kinds of disrespectful things about the Doc's work, and then refusing to apologize when he was caught out as bullshitter. Even so, I would be willing to accept him here again and carry on a conversation with him if he would just try to be real, stop the spamming, and participate in this forum along with the rest of us. I check in here every day, even though I don't write much, and I don't appreciate the spam.

BTW, I like your posts, BT

Re: An Emotional Infant

Yeah, spam is not good. Spam is bad. Spam makes people upset. :-(

Re: An Emotional Infant

BTW, I like your posts, BT

These are not mine sentences. They are just combined lines from everyone on this forum who taught me so much on humanity, diversity, sympathy. I just repeat it to all of those who are ashamed of being human like I once was.

Re: An Emotional Infant

Adam, BT, Doug, Jake, and Famfav5--

Adam has said that he will not be spamming here any more. I am happy to hear it, and hope this means that he will consider himself part of the forum. I am always ready for new beginnings.

As far as I know, Adam is the only Greek national we have as a regular, and since I value diversity of all kinds--national, sexual, philosophical, etc.--,I do hope to hear more from him.

Thank you all for the posts on this thread. The forum is becoming, as I had hoped, a place for honest exchange of points of view along with tolerant hearing of them.