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Guilt or something worse?

Okay so two months ago my girlfriend and I parted ways because I was pressuring her and being too clingy/possessive. During that time apart I've tried and done almost everything possible to forget about her, but something keeps her in my head. We haven't talked for over a month now and recently I got a hold of her online. We chatted for a bit and I ended up apologizing to her about all the crap i put her through. She forgave me and told me that she would give me a chance to prove to her that I am better. She also told me that she loves me still.

I've been pretty happy for the most part these past few weeks. I've been with family and friends but this morning, out of no where, something happened to make me break down completely. I cried and all I could think about was what I did to my ex to hurt her. I pieced together that the nightmares that I have been having over the past few weeks have all been about what I did to her. And even though she accepted my apology, I still carry this feeling of guilt. I love her, I know that. I only wish that I knew why I was feeling this way.