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Cancelled Anniversary

In the summer of 2006 my husband began what is called an emotional affair with a much younger employee in his office. Around the same time or just before their affair began he had blocked one or two days from his work schedule to be with me on our fortieth wedding anniversary which would be in April of 2007 (his office schedules vacation time for the following year in the summer of the present year). Without a word to me my husband cancelled his time away for our anniversary just weeks after his secretive relationship began. I am shocked, deeply hurt, and angry to know that in the summer of 2006 my husband believed he would not want to be with me on our anniversary in the spring of 2007. Although I discovered their affair in 2007 I only recently learned when he nullified his time off. He claims he had a low level of love for me but I think no love is a more accurate description of his feelings. He also says his relationship with his emotional affair partner was not why he did not want to be with me on our anniversary. I assume he means he would have cancelled even if he were not involved with her but I cannot help doubting that. Because he ended the wedding anniversary plan so far in advance I also think in his mind it was a symbolic expression of his wish not to be married to me.