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Re: childhood experimentation

You can wonder why it happened and what was the cause but it won't bring anything useful to you really. The fact, was the girl acting out from her own or because someone was perhaps inappropriate with her doesn't do anything for you. That is her life story not yours. But yes, in general, if children act out in a sexual manner in a concerning way, it has to be something they themselves experienced. It is called sexually reactive child. The same thing happened to me. I was abused, physically, emotionally and sexually by my father. He never touched me sexually but I saw some pretty nasty stuff a child should not see. And who will we blame for it now? The world. Has no point really. These bad events should be prevented and stopped and they should be put away. Should this 7 year old constantly be reminded on what happened and what she did. That would ruin her life, and for what? Most 7 year old's don't know how to read or write properly, yet alone grasp the concept of sexual abuse.

None of it is children's fault. It their parent's dirty laundry. Because sexuality is something they use and know to full extent and they just damage the children with it. And not just those that abuse children but also those who ignore sexuality or the need to explain to the child what it is and how to approach it. And then they dread and cry and wonder when a child does something, how was he suppose to know. Just saying: don't do it, is not a sexual guidance. That is stupidity. So leave the child, the child that was you, and the child that was that girl, alone. Just let them be.

You dread coercion because you suffer from lost control. You feel you did not have control in these incidents and perhaps you fear not having control now or in the future. But this is completely false because you indeed do have it. Don't let some kid humping and touching you many years ago be the reason you reach the point of depression and agony. Please. It has no sense.

When I was 12 years old I was going back home from school with my male friend and it was late at the evening, another male friend from my class sneaked upon me, threw me at the ground and started like grabbing me and humping me for a minute or so. The other male friend stand a side and laughed his ass off. I was so mad and so angry but not in one second did I think "Ohh he sexually abused me" and I could have reacted that way. It was just a stupid boy trying to piss me off, he did nothing wrong to me really. Should I have suffered from this? Made my life spin all around it. Blame my mistakes and failures all on it...

Almost daily a person comes to this forum to ask if he or she was sexually abused by another child or was he or she the abuser. It is getting ridiculous. Dr. can practically open a individual forum just for this discussion. And why is this all happening. Because of the mass hysteria that started to take over the media and the world in general. It is war on sexuality. It is war on exploration. These things people are writing about, 30 years ago people would laugh upon it. Child acting out sexually was seen like a naughty thing, they would send him or her to a counselor if needed. Now days they actually send children to jail.

And so in all of this everybody started digging upon their past and cleaning out their closet, in relation to who did what to who, in which pose, at what age and so on. It is completely ridiculous. What I say to them, if you are indeed being torn apart by this, go and face the person involved, tell them how you think now and for God sakes move on with your life.

Re: childhood experimentation

Thanks bt, your right I feel a lot better, I think I just needed to get it off
My chest and share it with someone, now I relise there are a lot of ppl who have
Been through the same thing and its not a big deal as it was between children.
I suppose my own shame had a part to play in the guilt I was feeling but I'm learning
To keep the past in the past and get back to myself an focus on the future! X