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Do any of yo know what is wrong with me.

These things have been bothering me for about a year now but they keep getting worse and worse and I want to know if any of you might know what is wrong with me. I seem to always wore out (I never have energy). I see things for a split second then when I look back its no longer there for example I was walking up the steps into to my school this morning and I swore I saw a dog go running through the hall but I looked on and I found nothing. I also feel really nervous around people like they are plotting to do something to me or they know what I am thinking. I also hear things not voices but like pounding or sometimes I think I hear my name but everyone says they didnt hear it. I always feel angry like I want to hurt someone. Also since school started everything is so hard I just feel so confused and I cant concentrate but last year I had no problem I understood everything and was always the first one done. If this helps I just turned 17 about 2 months ago and I am in 11th grade.

Re: Do any of yo know what is wrong with me.

Possibly sckitzofrenia? I don't know really. You should see a psychiatrist as soon as possible though, whatever the case might be.

Re: Do any of yo know what is wrong with me.

Dear ???-

The symptoms you mention are worrisome and must be checked out carefully by a psychologist. Please ask your parents to help you get a consultation with a doctor. If they cannot help, go to your school counselor for help with this. You should do this right away without putting it off.

Be well.