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Weird question/cant grasp concept?

Why is it bad for little kids to sexually experiment? I know it's not "bad" and that it's normal for kids to wanna come to terms with their primital sexual urges but why is it that parents discourage their children from experimenting sexually with peers?

I understand that with sex comes intamacy and that little kids shouldn't be having sex or performing sexual acts until they're at least teenagers but what bad could come out of prolonged sexual experimentation? I know if my kids were young and sexually experimenting I would discourage it and try to calmly explain why they shouldn't be doing such a thing at such a young age, but I feel like I can't pinpoint why it is that I would discourage it.

It seems like sexual acts come hand-in-hand with some weird emotional trip and once kids get to be teenagers parents generally don't do much to try and stop their kids from having sex. I know that maturity/responsibility come with sex but it seems much different than drugs and alcohol for example. Lotsa parents dont really care to much if their kids drink/smoke pot/smoke ciggaretes once their 17-18 years old or so but it seems like sex is much more than just a "drug". I certainly wouldn't want young children getting drunk and stoned just as I wouldn't want them having sex but it seems like the reason why little kids shouldn't be having sex is a lot different than why they shouldn't be getting drunk and stoned.

It's a very weird question but it seems like a concept that I just can't grasp. I'm only 17 so maybe my lack of maturity has to do with it. Sex is one weird emotional trip.

Re: Weird question/cant grasp concept?

Maybe they are trying to, unknowingly or not, protect their children from the burden of taking responsibility that may result in sex, like STD's or pregnancy. An immature child, in most cases, would handle such things poorly and thus the parent doesn't want them to even experiment with sex in fear of them growing up to be loose with it. It's just my thought off the top of my head though, it's quite possible im completely wrong. :)

Re: Weird question/cant grasp concept?

The original question is thought-provoking, and Hexi has gotten off to a good start in considering it, I think. The entire package of anxieties about responsibility and consequences certainly seems to play a part in it. I wonder also if there is some level of envy involved.

Re: Weird question/cant grasp concept?

Maybe we're all just overthinking this thing, it seems like the sexual intamacy that comes with sex itself is much too much for the immature mind of a child