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Re: Opinion of a problem

Hi Alex...

You describe a problem that could be caused by several things. Your second problem is called Wernicke's aphasia. It could be caused by a number of problems if in fact this is occurring regularly and can be witnessed by others. You didn't say if someone else had heard you speak in that manner.

See below:
Speech is preserved, but language content is incorrect. This may vary from the insertion of a few incorrect or nonexistent words to a profuse outpouring of jargon. Grammar, syntax, rate, intonation and stress are normal. Substitutions of one word for another (paraphasias, e.g. “telephone” for “television”) are common. Comprehension and repetition are poor.

Patients who recover from Wernicke’s aphasia report that, while aphasic, they found the speech of others to be unintelligible and, despite being cognizant of the fact that they were speaking, they could neither stop themselves nor understand their own words.[citation needed]

The ability to understand and repeat songs is usually unaffected, as these are processed by the opposite hemisphere. Melodic intonation therapy(MIT) has been pursued for some years with aphasic patients under the belief that it helps stimulate the ability to speak normally. There is some question as to the effectiveness of MIT. [3] But more recent, and more rigorously conducted, research has revealed that MIT can be very effective at recovering language function. [4]

Patients also generally have no trouble purposefully reciting anything they have memorized. The ability to utter profanity is also left unaffected, however the patient typically has no control over it, and may not even understand their own profanity.

If Wernicke’s area is damaged in the non-dominant hemisphere, the syndrome resulting will be sensory dysprosody — the inability to perceive the pitch, rhythm, and emotional tone of speech.

As for your first issue, it could be that you are anxious or excessively worried. If that is not the case it could other causes.

Given the information you have mentioned, you may want to talk with a physician about your symptoms.

You didn't give alot of information but you want to br sure that it is not caused by a brain problem like possibly seizures or maybe a tumor or a brain injury.

Sorry I could not be more specific...but it needs examined/determined by a physician.