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Re: Relationships

Do you think she has any regrets or a conscience? Or is this simply a mean person!

The answer to that question really doesn't bring anything to yourself. A bit of time and separation will do all of what you are currently feeling, much unimportant. That is, only if you let yourself grow out of it. It is a heeling process. Like getting a drug or alcohol detox.

Btw, my belief is that there is no such thing as a soul mate or only one perfect person for anyone. It's bullshit that lazy and deluded people tell to themselves. My point. You had a nice 5 year relationship which brought something to you. It made you happy and fulfilled. But don't look at it like a party of your body or something you can not survive without it. You had a life before, and you will have a life after each and every one in your life. Rely on yourself. And accept life like it is.