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Re: Psychopath?

The reason I bothered was because I wasn't sure. The reason I read the same idiotic "list" as you call it is because I have wondered why I feel different, why being around everyone else I never feel the need to be connected and now that you and whitewolf have cleared it up for me a I understand and I do not agree with wolfs statement that I am weak. A question does not mean weakness it means misunderstanding. Also I take the fucked up mind statement as a complement.

Wolfies response, if it even is him, was aimed at me. He has resorted to... this, whatever it is. Anyways, i'm not sure if was much help. If you browse the forum you'll see dozens of threads containing the same exact question and it's impossible to give a real, definitive answer.

Re: Psychopath?

My girlfriend is in a mental hospital again. So I am bored. People with SMI often get bored in this reality. I prefer a manic state but psychotic is always possible. Just add antidepressant medications and poof... full blown psychopath.