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Re: Emotions

Actually, it's the difference between a severe SMI approved manic bipolar and... whatever you are.

And what would that be? Yourself in a house of mirrors?

Re: Emotions

You seem very happy for my return. I'm glad you enjoyed our conversations. The house of mirrors.. nah.. I don't stare at my puppet often. Only to admire what is left of it really. I've grown strong and even have a nice 6 pack coming along.

My temple is stronger now. Perhaps you would like to discuss.. God? I'm Catholic now.

Re: Emotions

Ofcourse i'm happy. We need people here who have actual opinions and not just drones, foaming at the mouth and protesting... whatever.

Re: Emotions

Heh.. they are nothing but lost sheep. They are the unworthy. Those who have gone astray and fall indifferent. The Bible makes it clear that they will be blessed to damnation for their wavering faith and inability to move away from that which they live for... which is money. The most amusing part of that is they don't even know they are doing it. They think buying "things" will restore their souls. As if "stuff" could do that. Idol worship at it's peek.

It is my vary nature to war with them. To strike down these cowards, who would look but never touch and think to question yet never reply. They are the ones dying inside. They are the fallen.

And we who are the mental ill... We choose our own path with disregard to the rest. We are the ones who are truly alive. Powered from within... we rise. They fear our mania. They fear our ability to fight past pain and forget our suffering. To live from one moment to the next and eve with PTSD.. live no less.

We are the real humans. We are your singers and Hollywood favorites. We are leaders among men and they fear us for it. Their brains lack imagination. Without knowing true pain.. they are released into the world and quickly get destroyed by drugs and emotional failures. They were never prepared to live in the real world. They lack the scares.

It seems they live more in the future than in the present. There minds are stuck on this line of thought. They are linear. Even knowing the past will always repeat itself.. but they are caught off guard by it.

Emotions.. are in your head. You choose them through your actions.