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Dr Salzman, I have a question about any ways to get rid of my executive disfunction

I decided to ask this question separately. I already posted here once a thread entitled :"I think I'm a narcissitic aspie loser" but I decided on asking for any sort of advice, especially Dr Salzman himself because as a professional, he should know if there is any sort of treatment for this available (I'd be interested in knowing if there are any techniques which I could use myself because I can't find anything on this online too much and I can't go to any psychiatrist, terapist for the reasons mentioned in my previous thread). I think I have exectutive disfunction. I'm very indifferent to anything taht happens in my life, even when I have school exams in my uni, I rarely prepare for them much, I know I could fail but it doesn't bother me much (I start to fear of this when I'm standing in front of the classroom waiting for coming in and taking a seat to take part in the exam). I don't think of my future much as well. So now I'm asking: are there any ways of getting rid of procrastination, of effective fighting executive disfunction? Are there any ways to do it? Because those are literally ruining my life. I have severe problems with managing my time. I can promise myself that from this day I will do all those things I want to start doing, like acquiring new knowledge, learning somehing new, that I will do the things I should do, like cleaning my room and stuff, but finally at the end of the day I realize that I spent my whole day online reading about the same things about which I already read million times before, not having done anything useful. I am always delaying doing things I know I should do, waiting with those until the very last minutes when I have to do it in a hurry. I have no idea how much time doing things is going to take me, I'm very slow even when I'm trying not to - seriously trying. Are there any ways to help myself?