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Young Sociopath?

I will keep this short. I am very young, early teens, and have read many sites and books on sociopathy, psychopathy, and schizophrenia. I match up with all the the characteristics of sociopathy except for one: killing or maiming animals. However, I have hurt people. I recall briefly reading something about sociopaths not being able to be diagnosed until they were eighteen. Is this true? Is it possible for young people to be sociopaths?

Emilie W.

Re: Young Sociopath?

The reason teens cannot be accurately diagnosed with this particular personality type is because you are still developing. Your brain has not yet developed enough to form a complete personality and many personality traits, such as guilt or shame, may only begin to manifest itself later on, in some cases. Give it some time and don't worry.

Re: Young Sociopath?

Thanks for your help.