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allowing a loved one to avoid life due to depression

Without knowing your daughter, and the entire history, I cannot give a definite opinion. However, the ultimatum seems a better choice than allowing her to become even more depressed while doing nothing. Depression is a generic term for a variety of problems and mood disorders, so the correct treatment really depends on what kind of depression. Some types of depression do resolve spontaneously, but many kinds of depression simply get worse if not treated, and the worsening can have serious physical effects as well as wasting youth and time. Therefore, I would intervene somehow.

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From: Nancy Lippincott
Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2010 12:22:22 -0400
To: "''"
Subject: how long should I allow my 22 year old depressed daughter to just stay in her room?

Is it true that she will pull herself out when she “reaches bottom” or should I take more drastic steps such as giving an ultimatum: get up and visit a therapist or I will take you to the hospital?


Re: allowing a loved one to avoid life due to depression

Thanks for posting your question and the doctors answer.