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Would a sociopath/psychopath experience these things/feelings?

Hi. If a person felt the following sensations is it still possible that they could have ASPD or be a psychopath:

- Nostalgia
- Fuzzy/tingles during the climax of a film or piece of music etc.
- Meloncholy mood
- A feeling of heart-ache or longing
- An overwhleming feeling of beauty
- Any sense of embarresment or shame
- Anxiety and insecurity
- Any sense of feeling sorry for another person

These are all things that I know I feel. I could feel love (some of the above might equate to love at times?) and a range of other emotions such as guilt.. but the above are ones that I am definetly aware of feeling and they are not vague.

Are they/some of them big no-nos for someone with those conditions?