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Re: Schizophrenic v Sociopath

After reading other posts, that is exactly the attitude I expected from a reply from you.

It seems an entirely appropriate attitude to me. What kind of lazy bum wants other people to do his research for him when all the resources he could possibly want are right at his fingertips? (Don't answer that, btw; it's a rhetorical question.) :P

Re: Schizophrenic v Sociopath

lol....sorry, I posted my question thinking that it may be read by somebody who has done some research about my subject, and wouldn't mind helping me out by pointing me toward where they found what they thought was relevant.
BUT NOooooo I get people giving me attitude.
Seriously, If you aint got nothing helpfull to post, DONT POST ANYTHING.


Fine. How's this?

Re: Anything

Thanks for that.
I found your reply to silent all the time interesting, to bad you don't practice what you post.

Re: Anything

I found your reply to silent all the time interesting, too bad you don't practice what you post.

Ooh, thank you. :) Real life is not the web; I indulge in snarkiness here a lot more often. It's fun!

Re: Anything

Each their own I guess.