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lack of confidence in a relationship

Hi Dr Robert,

I'm a late teenager at age 21 and a male. I'm a kind of person who dont socialize alot and I'm a kind of guy who cant speak properly in front of the girl that I like. But one day, there was a girl who showed interest to me and I started to attracted to her as well. At the beginning everything went well. We tried to be friend first and we did become friends. We know that we like each other but it just hadnt been said. Then after a while, I dont know exactly when it happened, I started to love her so much. But this was the turning point when all the problems started to raise. In that time, I was so nervous everytime I met her and so I spoke some stupid things and sometimes criticize what she did. I just couldnt control my self. My heart beat so fast, felt very nervous and didnt know what to say. Since that time, she started to dislike me but she still made contact with me. This happened for a long time, for almost 2 years. During this time, I still like her and tried to make contact with her although the atmosphere will be very uncomfortable. She felt uncomfortable too but she still showed her interest to me. But she tried to avoid 1 on 1 contact with me because we know that it will be super ackward and uncomfortable. The only chance was if she was with her friends then we had a bit chance to talk a bit.
After this long period, then recently it seems that she started to like other guy. At first she tried to hide it from me. Until one day, I spotted them together, and in that time she started to show me that she liked him. And extra information, during the long period before, she usually flirt other guys to make me jealous so I had courage to come to her and speak to her. Maybe she was expecting that I would be confident to talk to her properly. Anyway, now the condition is that she is with other guy but still not formally in relationship, maybe they are in the process. I'm still in love with her. She tries to make less contact with me although we never have many contacts before actually. But the thing is now I have learnt to be more confident and I can speak quite proper to her, it just it might be a bit too late. I know everything is my fault because I'm lack of confidence before. The other things are 4 weeks before she still showed interest to me by trying to make contact with me but then a week after that she suddenly didnt want to talk to me. I assume that actually this was kind of sudden relationshp btwen them. My girl indeed look comfortable with that guy and I know i was wrong.
My questions are is there any ways that I can back with her(now I'm more confident already with girl)?
Is her feeling to that guy real? Because actually we like each other, and a week before she was with that guy, she still show her interest to me. Is this just a kind of escaping the problem with me?

Re: lack of confidence in a relationship

I don't mean to be cruel, but as I see it is over and you have a lesson learned. That is what relationships are about, learning how to make the relationship flourish.

I do think she may still like you as a friend. But all the signs point to OVER you and moved on. You should do the same.