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my ex-girlfriend

hi my name is keith and i live in New York City.I was involved in a 3 year long relationship up until 2 weeks ago when my girl broke up with me. What has been driving me crazy is that the way she did it was by sending me a text message that read "i love you, your a great man, but i see you will never change."Even worse is that i had bought an engagement ring to give her about 2 months ago and was waiting for the right time to propose.I feel that now i will never get the chance and i'll be stuck with this ring and no girl. So far i have given her some space and made no attempts to contact her up until 2 days ago. I have made attempts to call her and text her to ask for us to sit down and for her to explain to me the reasoning for break up in person instead of a text which i felt was uncalled for after being involved with eachother for so long. After some thinking i realized that we both had been a bit stressed out with having to move to a new apartment and her recent change of jobs.It had lead us to become somewhat short-tempered and argue with eachother about things so simple as what kind of juice i bought at the store.I had made few attempts to communicate and talk things out but she would get annoyed and tell me she did not want to talk about it anymore.I believe this all led to her breaking up with me. So far she has not answered any of my phone calls but did answer one time to all of my texts that basically were asking her to meet with me to talk things out and she said to me that she will call me at a later date. I am running out of patience and there is so much i want to tell her and i feel that the longer it takes for us to meet, the longer it will allow time to heal all wounds and not be able to end on a good note atleast as friends. What do you think i should do?i've been thinking about sending flowers and possibly showing up at her place but i dont want to seem like a stalker.i dont want to continue to call her or text her because i dont want her to get annoyed.i love her alot and i feel that we can work things out and get through these bumps in the road together instead of giving up

Re: my ex-girlfriend

hi. you know that she is under stress. i guess what she needs is time and you. give her some time. try to understand what can help her the most. think out her problem of changing jobs. if you can help her somehow to reduce her problems, don't hesitate! BUT you should help her gently. she shouldn't get angry at you.
then when she feels more relaxed, start again. now you should tell her that you understand but ask her for more time. you both need it. be patient and try to understand her a bit more (i know you understand her!).