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Re: How to define a friendship?

OK...I don't seem to be getting any bites here... no one has any friends right?

Or is it no one needs any friends? Does everyone here just get complete satisfaction just living virtually?
Is everyone just an acquaintance?

Any of you go to a Starbucks and stalk strangers?

Goodness me. No bites. And it's such an interesting topic, too.

How would you define a relationship where one person has "friendly relation, or attachment" to the other and that other only pretends to reciprocate? My acquaintances would call me a friend. In public, I would call them friends, but if I were being honest....

I don't really feel the need for friends. I just hang out with people so my parents don't spend all their time worrying that I am (and I quote) 'an antisocial loner'.

Stalking strangers might be fun... if I was really bored....

Re: How to define a friendship?

Well you already know what i think about the subject so i didn't really feel like replying. :)

Re: How to define a friendship?

Yep. But i still want to chat today. Leave message for me:-)

BTW: the more I read, the more I admire