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Re: Boyfriend watching porn

A half-hearted remark met by such hostility! It's funny. Seems like i struck a nerve.

EDIT: You should check the "Defense mechanisms" thread for some insight. ;)

Yep, Hexi, you appear to prefer to just upset people in a way that hits the right button straight away because you're darn clever and witty instead of making them see reason by making EASY logical steps for your average upset-by-a-not-so-sneaky-jerking-off-boyfriend lady to follow - but that fine by me as it makes me appear patient and instantly feel like a little darling angel. Thanks for that.

Re: Boyfriend watching porn

I suppose you didn't read my earlier replies in this thread?

Re: Boyfriend watching porn

yap i did.

Re: Boyfriend watching porn

In that case, i'm happy to make you feel like an angel. I'm here to please.