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To Hexi, Dr. Robert, Dragontongue and Toby

Dr. Robert and Hexi and others

I do not underestimate the value of Hexi. I just got on a tangent on my own issues. I play with fire. I have been burned, and I know the extent of the potential damage.

I will not ignor any of the wisdom I have received, I just remained open to hearing everyone, because I do value input. While I was visiting this site, I also enjoyed getting to know everyone in what little way that i could.

I like this site, and enjoy everyone's comments and thoughts. I have been told that I can be misunderstood. Perhaps I am now.

Thank you all for your thoughts. This thread is over. And my adopted son will be out of my immediate life at some point. Afterall, my resources are limited and he knows that.

I hope you don't mind if i follow this forum, frankly I have enjoyed it.

Re: seeking the Catalyst

Also, yes there are two "toby's", the other one being someone who is trying to soil my name. You should just quit replying altogether, that guy is here for attention.

Soil your name? I've been here since the start.

Funny that this whole thing started when I wounded WhiteWolf's ego.

Of course, that's always how it starts.

Re: seeking the Catalyst


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy it.

Be well.