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morning sex

I want to ask you knowledgable guys your take on this: My guy is a morning person and we periodically argue regarding him waking me up in the early morning and being immediately ready for intercourse. It is one thing for him to be waking me up early but what is even more frustrating is that he doesn't understand that women need time to be teased/aroused with some foreplay. I have told him I like to be caressed and kissed but he doesn't seem to be thinking about me. He says it hurts him how I snap at times (being immediately woken up and you know what) and he feels rejected. Most of the time I give in and shortly after when he has orgasmed he is done, kisses me and gets out of bed! It can feel as if I'm just a sex object at times. I know he loves me and I want to make him and us happy.... I know there is no "right or wrong" here but what do you think about it, what can I do?

Re: morning sex

Well i'm no expert on this subject but i'll put my 2 cents in anyway.

I think the best plan to handle this is sit down and just have an indepth conversation about how your both feeling about this conversation. If it were as easy is flicking a switch to get you going in the morning then i'm sure he'd take it. Being a male myself i know this may sound a little hipacritical but some guys get pretty lazy of a morning and don't really feel like doing anything. Perhaps some joint foreplay positions to help you's both out. Have a look on some site's and find some easy positions that you and your partner will be able to get into early in the morning. There are many other ways of helping you get some attention to make things more comfortable, this is just a simple one for start. I hope it helps.

Re: morning sex

Daniel, grats on coming about wour completely commentate. Talk it out. How about.. feel it out. Try some compassion and lust t go along with that boring existence you pathetic share. Then she can go find a real lover.

I'm JK

But not realy