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Re: Who are these people?

Alexantropos or whoever you are:

I have been a fan of Dr. Robert ever since the time several years ago when I wrote to him for help with a serious family matter and got some advice that saved a bad situation from becoming impossible to save. Not only did he reply to me online, but then carried on a private correspondence with me until the matter was healed. I am incredibly grateful to this excellent person who you have been attacking.

I am appalled at the way you have polluted this space with your ridiculous ideas and with your claims to be a saviour of humanity. Your threats against Dr. Robert are worse than unfair. They are bizarre. In the first place, he states on his homepage that his opinions are not psychotherapy or any kind of treatment:

"Please be aware that the information on this website is not intended to replace the personal relationship between patient and physician or therapist, and that Dr. Saltzman's replies to "ask the psychologist" questions are not a substitute for psychotherapy or consultation with a physician. Indeed, there is absolutely no substitute for such a relationship, so if you are troubled, please get the personal counseling you need."

So all your nonsense about malpractice is just that, nonsense. The doctor is not doing psychotherapy online, and has said so. He is giving his personal opinion informed by his training and experience, and, just like any other person, he has that right whether you like it or not. Even you have that right, although, unlike the doctor, you have been abusing it. Will you now apologize to the doctor and withdraw your foolish accusations. I doubt it.

But you are obviously not just a mean spirited, unhappy, lonely person, who, as someone else just wrote, just needs to get a life. No. It is clear to me that you are seriously unstable. Do you realize that a few days ago you were asking that your first attack on Dr. Robert be deleted because you realized it was incorrect? Now, a couple of days later, you have launched a new attack on the doctor, full of wild threats and libels. You are just bouncing back and forth with no center at all except your crazy idea that it is your job to save humanity.

Stop writing on this forum and get some help. You need it.

Re: Who are these people?

He did probably GOED too far but i not THINKS you does should INSULTS him still... You does not even TRYES understands why he does do it. i DOES be sure he did had reason for DO that but it DOSENT be still right to lie about things and does do something bad. I does still THINKS we does should apologizes to everyone so enyone not BE sad.

and adam i DOES thinks that you should APOLOGIZES to dr robert for say bad things. if you does HAS thinking bad things about someone then you SHOULD discusses to them about it. maybe you can TELLS what you does thinks DOES be bad and explains why and then MAYBE peoples does understands why you DOES be angry about it? i NOT thinks that THINGS like this does be good thing.

and i DOES thinks that you peoples should apologizes to adam too for insulteing him too. im DOES thinks you does maybe not MAKES things beter too.....

Re: Who are these people?

I have read many of your posts and I understand that you are a sweet and kind person who just wants everyone to be happy and get along, and often I agree with you, but I think you are wrong about this. Adam has not just "GOED too far." And why do you say "probably"? This guy, whoever he is, has made all kinds of serious threats against Dr. Robert who I am sure you know is a kind and good-hearted human being. Even though Adam's first approach to Dr. Robert was already nasty and disrespectful, Dr. Robert politely replied to Adam, correcting Adam's misunderstanding of human sexuality, but Adam just ignored him and went on attacking.

Adam needs to apologize to Dr. Robert. Until he does that, and sincerely regrets his abuse of this wonderful, generous person, I have no interest in Adam or anything he says. And I certainly will not apologize to him for anything.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Alright WhiteWolf just give it up this is too pathetic to watch. Time to stop this farce already. If you want to do something like this for heaven's sake do it properly! Not with some dramatic theatre crap all around and Hamlet lines in every second sentence. Post Scriptum this Post Scriptum that do you even realize how much you failed with all this? On top of it all you should have realized by now that nobody bought it. But you still cling to your frail story, it looks more pathetic than a wounded stray dog humping a street lamp.

Have some dignity and at least leave that failed name behind; you can come back with a new one once you've figured out a plan that doesn't have Sparta and Shakespeare in it. I mean come on, your whole plan relies on the fact that you claimed someone secretly edited posts! Woo-hoo. You may as well have said that you have a photos of mischievous Dr. Robert stealing candy as a kid. That would be an equally pathetic excuse to make threats like that. Have you lost your common sense? Or is it that you had none in the first place?

Please, I beg of you, come up with something better next time. This is just sad to watch. Another donkey theatre play like this and I may stab myself. Seriously.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Hi, Toby,
Long time since I have seen you here. Do you really suspect the Wolf is this f--king idiot Adam?

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Adam, you are an idiot. On another thread you asked me to stop flaming. The person who started that other thread said he needs help and asked me to take my comment over here so that my argument with you would not interfere with the help he needs. OK. Richard, I will comply.

Now, you Greek jerk: You are an idiot. This is not flaming. It is a simple fact. You criticized the doctor in a rude and disrespectful manner. He answered you politely, and pointed out that your ideas about sexuality were mistaken. He demonstrated your mistake with a number of references (which I doubt you ever even checked). You did not even have the courtesy to acknowledge that he had replied to you with new information, much less the intelligence to respond to the new information.

You are on some kind of vendetta here, and that is obvious to many of us, not just me. You don't make the rules here, so stop trying. I suggest you leave this forum where you really are just a useless pain in the ass. If you want to parade your absurd ideas about sexuality, or if you want to slander Dr. Robert, why not get your own website to do it, or start your own forum.

This forum is not about slandering Dr. Robert, it is about open minded discussions of serious topics among people of good will. You obviously are not interested in that kind of discussion since you lack even the common decency to have replied to the doctor properly or to acknowledge that he presented you with new ideas which required serious consideration.

You talk about flaming--my god, man--your entire communication with Dr. Robert has consisted of you flaming him. No wonder he cut you off just like he cut Zenemy off. You are just like Zenemy, and I suspect you are him in disguise. Why should the doctor have anything to do with you? Why should any of us, for that matter?

As I say, you are an idiot. And it is even worse than that, Adam. You are an idiot who thinks he is smart (you aren't). You are the kind of puffed up idiot, who uses the word "fora," and then feels obliged to explain it to us inferiors out here just in case we aren't brilliant and educated idiots like you.

Adam, you are a raging narcissist, and that's not flaming but pure fact. Not only that, you are a liar, and those of us who have followed the doctor's website know it. In a pig's ass he changed that reply to the boy to evade your scrutiny as you keep implying. I read that piece months ago, and I know better. It hasn't changed a bit.

You really are lost. Get a life.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

He probably won't quit until Hexi calls him on it. Seriously, I think that's why he's keeping this up; he wants Hexi to turn up and say something like 'look, everyone knows it's you, everyone knows you're just trying to get a bunch of people mad by picking a fight with Dr. Robert, cut it out'.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Just so people know, I was the first person here to post as "Toby".

I don't know who you are Toby, but already I love you. :3

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

The crux of this matter seems to be whether or not Dr. Robert changed his original text to hide his blunder, and everyone is ignoring the fact that in either case he did make a serious, and unethical, mistake. I am only wondering why Dr. Robert hasn't spoken himself to defend his professional image if I am so wrong.

Even if I think the current text is still surprisingly flawed, if the text was not altered I will make a public, even if humiliating, apology to Dr. Robert and to those who have expressed their indignation.

However, if I did not make a mistake, I expect the same from those who have been so derogatory in their analysis of me.

The majority has spoken and I will only return when I have the means to prove my statements or if I did deserve these answers and must try to redeem myself.

I have just one thing to say:

"E pur si muove!"

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Alright WhiteWolf you do realize certain flaws here, don't you?

a) You were asked to prove your identity, you didn't

b) You are still not doing this through e-mailing

c) You are not giving any specifics and instead just continue on with your theatre.

d) You have been connected to Zenemy from two completely different sources.

e) You are threatening Dr. Robert because according to you he edited an e-mail, not because you think something is horribly wrong with the original e-mail.

f) You are disregarding this:
Please be aware that:

1. Because this space is open to posting by anyone without need to prove identity or otherwise qualify as
a reliable source, Dr. Saltzman is not responsible for any of the comments on these pages save his own.

2. The opinions expressed by Dr. Saltzman do not constitute any kind of psychotherapeutic treatment,
and are not intended to substitute for personalized counseling or psychotherapy which, if needed,
must be provided in person by a qualified counselor or psychotherapist.

I suggest ignoring him, he is doing this to get attention. Although I suspect he will then just add another phase to this comedy by making a comeback as Zenemy. Ignore him then, too.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

I have an impersonator? I'm flattered; but this is not me.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

No that is not the crux of the matter. The crux of the matter is that you came to the forum and included a denunciation of the doctor in every one of your posts. When he asked you to back it up, you could not. He proved that your so-called "knowledge" about sexuality was totally and completely incorrect. Then, instead of apologizing for your error the way a decent and intellectually honest person would, you escalated your attack on the doctor, including slander and threats against him. After all that do you really imagine that he would reply to anything you write? He cut Zenemy off for the same reason. When he proved Zenemy wrong, that idiot totally ignored the doctor and just went on with his rant. Same as you. Dr. Robert has cut you off, Anthropussy. Do you get that? You are considered too egotistical and dishonest to merit any reply from him. We all saw it happen to Zenemy who disappeared after being cut dead and has never come back. Now it is your turn.

OK, Anthropussy, get ready to apologize. I went to the web archive called waybackmachine. I found a copy of the doctors letter to the boy as it appeared on May 28, 2010. I compared it to the present text. I found no difference at all. It is a long piece and I could be mistaken, but I FOUND NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL. NOT A SINGLE WORD.

Now you, knowing that you were about to be unmasked as a liar, would like to make an apology only for your error in claiming that the doctor changed the text to fool you, but that will not be nearly enough. That would be the kind of apology that an intellectual wimp would make.

If you are any kind of man at all, you must apologize for:
1. Questioning his standing as an expert
2. Questioning his integrity
3. Claiming he is guilty of mal-practice
4. Accusing him of hurting people
5. Accusing him of doing something unethical, damaging and dangerous
6. Polluting this space with the totally incorrect claim that "Heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality are constructs of society, every psychologist and psychiatrist knows this almost since the 70's: that's thirty years ago!" and then failing to correct yourself although several of us asked you to do so
7. Accusing the doctor of speaking "ex cathedra as if you were an authority in the subject when you clearly are not!" when he IS an expert as everyone here knows.
8. Accusing him of being "unethical, biased, unsupported by accepted scientific views and contrary to the general belief of the scientific comunity." when he clearly showed that YOU are the one who is unsupported by scientific views.

If you are ready to make THAT apology, you will be redeemed. And if you have any decency at all, you might also apologize for behaving here as if you are some kind of savior whose job it is to protect the world against Dr. Robert.

Now, Anthropussy, will you apologize or not? If not, please just leave with your tail between your legs like Zenemy because without a serious and complete apology, you have no standing here at all.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Prediction: he won't apologize for anything, just disappear. "Anthropussy!" Love it.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Probably right, ROR. Good post, Doug.

Adam, are you really THAT thick?

When you questioned the doctor on a statement he made, he immediately backed it up with facts. This came as no surprise to the many here who have seen his ideas challenged before and seen him back them up, not with opinions but with robust evidence.

You PRETENDED to have expert knowledge ("Heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality are constructs of society, every psychologist and psychiatrist knows this almost since the 70's: that's thirty years ago!"), and then when asked to back it up, you could not because it is just something you made up.

Maybe it would help if you read a couple of the good old threads on this forum which involve intelligent and open debate instead of the self-important, judgmental name-calling which appears to be your modus operandi:

Don't you realize that your outrageous overestimation of your own capacities, knowledge, and most of all, IMPORTANCE, is cutting you off from the flow here? Don't you realize that in attacking the doctor, a wise and educated person (who is liked by us here, including "psychopaths," just because he is knowledgeable and open) you are cutting yourself off the kind of discourse carried out in those threads? Are you really so armored or so non-insightful that you cannot see this? If so, all that great therapy with drugs and talk you told us about might require a slight touch up I think.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

OK. This is beginning to feel a bit too much like piling on, and I would like to call a halt to it. I would prefer this forum to center upon meaningful conversations about psychology, philosophy, meaning and/or the lack of it, relationships, etc. instead of devolving into battle over whether dr. robert is any good or not, or whether Adam is a fraud or not. I understand that Adam in a sense asked for it, but enough is enough. I don't think he will be able to apologize. He began his negotiation about apologizing by saying this:

"Even if I think the current text is still surprisingly flawed, if the text was not altered I will make a public, even if humiliating, apology to Dr. Robert and to those who have expressed their indignation."

Translation: "Even a grudging semi-apology would humiliate me."

If that is the case--if he feels that having to eat some words is that painfully humiliating--the broader apology that you all expect of him seems out of reach entirely. That's OK with me. I do not need or require any apology, and anyway why try getting blood out of a stone? I believe, as many of you know, that people are not responsible for their personalities, the organization of which will be revealed, willy-nilly, for better or worse. This implies that we are not responsible for the maturity or lack of maturity of our habitual ego-defenses either. Believe it or not, everyone is actually doing the best he or she can. At least that is the way I see it.

I suggest making this post the last item in this thread. Last time I asked for an end to ad-hominum attacks, everyone came through, and the entire tone and meaning of this forum jumped to a higher energy level where it has remained almost entirely. I hope this forum can continue its development into a valuable center of intelligence and openness, so I am asking the same thing again. Just let Adam be Adam.

Tomorrow when I have a moment, I will start another thread on the subject of the illusion of free will and how that illusion can lead to an over-defended ego.

Be well.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Dr. Robert did say one thing right, but this is just getting too silly for me: since when does showing humility constitute an admission of guilt?

Did any of you actually read anything I wrote besides the accusations I made near the end of my first post? The reasoning, the back story, the foundations... anything at all?

For example, Dr. Robert defended gay couples don't raise gay children. Has anyone noticed that in my first post I wrote:

"It is not just the example of the father/mother figure that makes someone follow a certain sexuality (children in the care of homosexual couples aren't more given to becoming homosexual, as far as studies have been able to determine, just a lot less homophobic)[...]"

Doesn't this sound even remotely familiar? "it is NOT just the example", "children [...] AREN'T more given to", et cetera?

If your reply is "no" then you have truly and utterly defeated me intelectually because of one simple truth: "There is no worse blind person than that who refuses to see."

Sorry for breaking my vow, but, although I believe a promiss must be kept to whoever we make it, even those who hate us and you now the rest, I am still human and I couldn't help it.

A couple of people who I respect have read what happens in this forum and have advised me to keep away... they are trying to convince me it is just not worth it. A gay friend of mine was speachless when I showed him everything...

I just don't know anymore... am I being too subtle? If there is one thing I learned is that, whenever we try to explain something to someone, if they do not understand, the first person in whom we must try to find a flaw is not the person to whom we are trying to explain the idea, but us. I have thought this over, I have tried to understand what I did wrong, but there is very little to make me reach a conclusion, other than the obvious one.

Other than the three accusations I made of Dr. Robert, did I ever write a single word that was, by itself, offensive? Did I call anyone something childish and disrespectful like people seem to be enjoying calling me?

They say those who speak softest usually win an argument if they are right. I did speak too loudly in my first posts but that was because they were addressed at Dr. Robert and I still want him to admit what he has done, but now, now that have been speaking softly, has anyone taken the time to try to listen? Why is everyone fearing any point of view other than that which is safe and comfortable?

It is like showing the mathematical proof of Euler's theorem to first grade children and watch them trying to prove it is wrong...

You have indeed taken me beyond the surreal... I commend you for being deeply and thorougly... human... I mean, at least I know you are all Homo Sapiens... but how many of you are Homo Sapiens Sapiens?

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

(sorry, Doctor Robert, but I can't stand this idiot) But you have not SHOWED any humility. You are involved in a massive, sick, delusional ego trip. You are the great mathematician and we are the children. And all the "gays" are on your side. Right?

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Did you see anything other than that which you wanted to see? Like, for example, anything from the third to the fifth paragraph of my post?

How much clearer do you need me to be? I read Dr. Robert's reply three times, after I had already read it once, before I posted my criticism, to make sure I would be making no false accusations. Can you say the same about my posts?

Post Scriptum: the grammatically correct expression is "you have not shown" and not "showed". You could say, however, "you didn't show" or "you showed" if you would like... Oh, I forgot, I shouldn't talk to you as if you were first grade students, sorry...

Please people, start working: it has been minutes since someone has tried to insult me and my intelligence... come on, I have something important to say and I don't wan't to say it unless I'm provoked! It would take the fun out of it.

Oh, shoot! I'm going to sleep now... I hope by tomorrow someone else has done something intelligent like completely ignoring most of what I've written just to defend the axis of their perception of reality... You know how fashion is, it always comes back: this fashion was all the rage with the holy inquisition, I guess it is time for it to come back.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

This thread, and few others, is a perfect example what happens when petty people infest a website. It's been fun people, enjoy the spam and one idiot posting with 75802457283 names, arguing with himself. I'm out of here.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

This thread, and few others, is a perfect example what happens when petty people infest a website. It's been fun people, enjoy the spam and one idiot posting with 75802457283 names, arguing with himself. I'm out of here.

I'm with you. Hexi, you rock. :)

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Now if everyone leaves, I am stuck with.....?

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Looks like you were right, ROR, he left the stage without any kind of apology at all. In fact, he was attacking my grammar on the way out. What a jerk!

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

The only thing I will apologize for here is for having used grammar as a pretense to get back at somone. A long time ago, it was done to me and I thought it was stupid, but I didn't even think about that in my last post. I was just too angry.

I am fed up with all this matter: I took the trouble of mentioning the exact sentences in my first post that showed why Dr. Robert's response was pointless and futile and no one even thought about it. Everyone is ignoring the facts out of a misguided loyalty towards a person that pampers them psychologically into total acceptance of anything he says.

Do as you wish...

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Alexantropos, you are a fool. I do not imagine that reading what follows will enlighten you in any real way. You seem far too lost in your dimwitted fantasies of intellectual superiority for that. Nevertheless, other readers of this thread might appreciate reading the letter of thanks I just received from the young fellow you claimed would be damaged and wounded by my reply to his question. I quote it here in its entirety:

Dear Dr. Robert,

I'd first like to thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I deeply appreciate it. I apologize for taking over three months to reply, but I needed to thoroughly think through what you'd said, and I think I have done now. The first reason I write this letter is to explain my thoughts since our correspondence. I'm not sure why I feel the need to explain - or indeed, why I presume you'd be interested - but I do, so there you are.

I realize now how incorrect my ideas concerning sexuality really were - in fact, I think I knew from the start. What you say simply makes logical and scientific sense. I've read through your response many times and after a long period of self reflection, I've come to the conclusion that by confronting my sexuality in a theoretical, intellectual manner - or as you put it, by "filling my letter with my own answers to the questions I asked as well as logical arguments defending these answers"- I was trying to stay distant from the reality of the situation, and avoid dealing with my true feelings. My argument did hold very little water, and I think if I'd wanted to I could have easily seen just how flawed my beliefs were, but unfortunately I simply didn't want to, preferring to stay in denial instead.

Thankfully however, you've now stripped me of these false beliefs, which has meant I've now had to deal with my sexuality as one should, forthrightly and personally, with all the emotional stress that entails. I broke off the arrangement with Emily. What really got to me was when you said "I have seen that kind of thing tried many times, and it almost always ends badly, often with two people who really do care for one another having to separate, perhaps after having children together, or having made some other kind of major investment in the relationship." I know first hand the pain this can cause; as I said before, I have two gay family members, one of whom is my Dad, the other a cousin I don't know so well. When my Mum found out my parents divorced and now refuse to even speak to each other. They have shared custody, leaving me and my siblings torn between the two homes. The point is, I shouldn't have really needed you to remind me of why these relationships don't work when I have such a perfect first hand example right in front of my nose, but as I said before, I obviously preferred to stay in denial. I care too much for Emily for for me to knowingly hurt her when I can easily prevent it, whether my feelings can be called love or not, which is why I have ended it.

But it was also something more than that. By focusing all my energy into trying to maintain a heterosexual relationship I was again trying to deny my true sexual feelings, and if I am ever to be comfortable with and accept my own sexuality this is clearly something I can not be doing. I'm not saying that I want to pick the gay side and stick to it either, as to do so would just be another form of me denying my sexuality, just the heterosexual component instead. Rather, I just think that maintaning any sexual relationship with the sole aim of denying another part of your sexuality - which is I think, what I have been doing - is quite frankly backwards.

Intriguingly however, once I ended the relationship with Emily - and therefore began to accept my sexuality for what it is - I found that my sexual urges towards underage boys were diminished slightly, and my attraction towards men and woman of an appropriate age has increased. I don't mean to say that my pedophilic attraction has disappeared, as it hasn't, and it still remains predominant. What I mean to say is that now I've begun to accept my sexuality and have stopped denying my sexual feelings by forcing myself into an unhealthy sexual relationship and "projecting my own struggle for sexual self-acceptance onto a false controversy about nature vs. nurture", I've been able to experience sexual attraction seperate to that of my denial.

I'm not entirely sure what this means, although I've considered many possible theories. Perhaps in trying to deny one part of my sexuality I accidently denied it all? Maybe it was the fear of possible homosexuality that led me to displace my sexual feelings towards a less threatening target of children? Possibly I have sexual feelings towards men, women and boys, but my anxiety at the less acceptable pedophilic urges overrode the others until it became my primary desire? Of course, this speculation is all completely irrelevant until it could be proved for certain. What I do know however, is that this new information could be crucial into explaining why I harbour this paraphilia in the first place, which I can now explore further with a qualified psychotherapist.

Yes, I said psychotherapist. The thought of sex with children sickens me - from an ethical viewpoint at least - and I don't think I could live with myself if my urges ever forced me to abuse a child. I don't think I would ever willingly commit such an attrocity, but I'm smart enough to realize that the sheer power of the human sex drive may not give me a choice. For this reason I've decided the best thing I can do is to get psychotherapy, or some other kind of treatment. I've since looked up treatment for pedophilia and it's been shown to vary largely by patient, but if there's even a slightest chance that it could prevent me from doing something so awful then it's worth a try. Unfortunately, at the moment I obviously can't seek out therapy, both for financial reasons and not wanting my family to find out. However, if the problem hasn't resolved itself by the time I gain independence - which I very much doubt it will - then I will make sure to get the help that I do need.

The second reason I write is to ask a favour. In my letter I quickly mentioned another small list of problems just in case it had anything to do with my main problem. As it turned out you didn't find it relevant, and I realized after sending it how stupid it was of me to include it, as it makes me easily personally identifiable to anybody who knows me well enough. I'm therefore asking if you could possibly remove the small section in brackets containing these personal details from your website? I realize that you might not want to, if only to preserve your website's reputation, but I would really appreciate it if you did. I'd hate to think of this coming back to bite me on the arse in years to come once I've moved past it. So please, I'm almost begging you here, could you please possibly do me a small favour and remove the small section I thoughtlessly included, and then maybe combine the rest of the paragraph with the one above? And whilst you're there, you could omit this paragraph too? It would really mean a lot to me if you would.

Anyway, the final thing I want to do with this letter is to thank you. You've been an absolute huge comfort to me through your letter and have been a massive help towards my own sexual self acceptance. It's weird to think that one E-mail sent by somebody living thousands of miles away who I'll never meet could have such a dramatic impact on my life, and yet it has. I never could have predicted how much of a difference you would have have made to my life when I first wrote to you, but I am sincerely grateful for it. I do sound so cringeworthingly cheesy and melodramatic right now, but I really do mean it. Your website has been a huge help to me and will continue to be so for everyone worldwide who would not otherwise have access to this kind of support. You should feel truly proud of it.

Be well yourself.


Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

So, Anthros, have you "showed why Dr. Robert's response was pointless and futile," or was your entire line of argument pointless and futile? I think the forum deserves an honest answer if you have any honesty in that weird brain of yours. If you cannot participate honestly here, why not get lost? You would be doing the rest of us, who like to take these conversations seriously, a big favor. Or, this could be the moment of your awakening. . . if you have the humility to realize that there are people in the world who know a lot more than you do.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

You know, the Doc said it pretty well on his website, although he was not writing about Anthropussy at that point:

"Intelligence demands an open mind, not a bunch of premature, cynical judgments which call themselves "facts," so I hope you will understand that your point of view is not nearly as intelligent as you like to believe. Admitting to yourself that you know a lot less than you have been imagining is the doorway to intelligence. Right now you have that doorway blocked off entirely by a bunch of sophomoric, half-baked ideas."

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

That's really a beautiful answer to that would-be psychopath. Love the cartoons. Very glad I discovered Dr. Robert's website and this forum too.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

OK, OK, I give up. I am sorry I offended you, Dr. Robert. I had no right to come on your forum acting like an expert when obviously I know far less about these matters than you do. You were completely correct in your advice to the boy, and I was foolish to question it. You are a trained professional, and I am not.

I have learned a lesson here, and I will do better in the future. Please accept my apology and allow me to keep participating on your forum.

Yours truly,
Adam Alexantropos

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

I'm curious AA. What were you hoping to gain with this little game you played?

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

It wasn't a game. I am Greek. Something about the Doctor's answer and all the Greek history. I just don't like it. Anyway, we Greeks are passionate people.

Re: The boy who would be a pedophile and Dr. Robert's blunder

Adam Alexantropos
It wasn't a game. I am Greek. Something about the Doctor's answer and all the Greek history. I just don't like it. Anyway, we Greeks are passionate people.

But it was though. At least it could reasonably be seen that way. For the record, I went back and reread the original post. It didn't seem all that horrific to me. And I agree with you when you implied later on in another comment that some of the doctor's defenders sounded almost cult like. Almost.

Still, this was never about them or even Dr. Robert. It was about you. You were playing a game. The game was superhero. You were the intelligent yet noble hero, here to save the poor, gullible masses from the incompetent yet nefarious Dr. Robert. And I can imagine that all the negative comments after your initial foray into online forum valor only served to shore up your sense of martyrdom. And then there was of course, the self serving advertisements... Equally important. Ah but then again, broadcasting your heroism is also a kind of self serving advertisement, isn't it?

It's all good though Zorba. It looks to me like you were 100% successful at this game. The person you were trying to convince the most was yourself and I'm betting you did just that. With flying colors even.

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Daniel Birdick
And I agree with you when you implied later on in another comment that some of the doctor's defenders sounded almost cult like. Almost.

Let me just say that I got the same feeling. I thought to myself, the Dr. can fight his own battles, why are you all so upset. It's what he does, what he is trained to do. To deal with people. But I understand how much he is respected and how many people have helped themselves and improved their lives, reading his words and getting in contact with him. Still. I don't think I have to defend him. :)

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Well I was one of those who "defended" the doc, and I think both you and Daniel are right. The doc certainly can stand up for himself if he needs to. What offended me so much was the total irrationality of Anthropussy's attack. I was OK with his initial disagreement with the doc. Everyone has a right to disagree. But even after the doc adduced facts and studies to refute Anthropussy, he would not stop attacking, and even got more far out with it. It is often said that you have a right to your own opinion, but not to your own facts. Anthropussy just went on inventing "facts." I just became irate, I guess.

BTW, I am a long time admirer of Dr. Robert's website, but I certainly do not see him as a cult leader, nor myself as a cult member. I think for myself and do not look to others to decide things for me. My attraction to Dr. Robert stems, I think, from a rare combination of traits he seems to embody: high intelligence with openness and compassion. Intelligence alone is not all that rare. But many if not most people with high IQs seem judgmental or cold. The doc is not like that at all. He seems to be someone I would like to have a drink with or sit down to dinner, which gives his writing a flavor I rarely find elsewhere.

Anyway, I am glad the apology was given and accepted. Perhaps I took the whole thing too seriously, but it feels better this way.

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I also am someone who came to the doctor's defense and demanded the apology from AA, but I certainly don't see myself as a cult follower. Not at all. Several years ago, during a severe personal crisis, I wrote to Dr. Saltzman for advice, and, at no cost to me, received a long and comprehensive reply. The doctor's point of view on my problem opened my mind immediately, and since then I have experienced what I can only call a profound spiritual awakening. I understand that readers might be skeptical of this, skeptical that some words in an email could trigger such an awakening to inner realities, but that is my true experience.

When I read the libelous and mean-spirited attacks on the doctor's qualifications, abilities, and integrity, I knew the doctor would never demand an apology for them, and that is why I stepped in.

I agree with you, BT, the doctor does not really need to be defended. As he said in his letter to me, "I am nobody special, and either are you. We all just are, and only for a brief instant." With an attitude like that, why would he need any defense? Still, when one receives a profound teaching, one feels like honoring the teacher, and that was my intention. Simple as that.

Personally, I am happy that AA finally did apologize, and also glad that he apparently has stopped spamming the forum.

Take care all,

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That is a beautiful line.

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Thanks for your gracious apology. I accept it completely.
By the way, it never was my intention to ban you from the forum. All voices are permitted here.

Be well.