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Re: Men are confusing.

So there's this guy, I'm guessing he likes me becase we've hung out a  
couple of times and we've kissed and have done a little more. But he  
still calls me his 'friend' and he flirts with so many other girls and  
he hasn't talked to me in any way since the last time we saw  
eachother; over a week ago. And I think the 'benefits' is all he wants  
from me. Think I should say no way in hell next time he asks to 'hang  
out' or ask him what the deal is or...?

he just wants sex.

yes, hang out with him. just enjoy the moment with him while he still talks to you, learn and grow. have fun. dont take it personally. dont be revengeful.


Re: Men are confusing.

I agree with Diego. Too many people get so hung up on how they think people shouldbe and don't just accept what they are like and use it to their advantage. He may be thinking he's getting what he wants from you but play him at his own game and leave him to dry instead. That way you win and he looses.

Everyone has to start somewhere so just use it as experiance :P.