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Re: Psychopathic children behavior


Isn't that a fun game? Isn't life all just this fun game of playing with the toys?

Sure is. Some toys are just broke though and no matter how hard you try, they wont work like you want them to. How does it feel? To have 0 effect on someone so under your level of excellence? I'm not trying to poke you by the way, just curious.

It feels comforting to know mine is not the only mind that sees BS in all aspects of their conscious existence.

Re: Psychopatic children behavior

To all of you self-proclaimed psychopaths:

When you were little kids did you ever feel amusement at harming others, such as making other kids cry?

Convincing some of the other kids to do stuff that would get them in trouble just for your own amusement?

Did you laugh and get a rush out of it? Did you not give a **** about the consequences?

Did you set up kids against each other?

Age six, seven, or eight ... along those lines.

I never have. I've never really liked people but never gone out my way to harm them. I'd play games with those that tryed to harm me but i've never hunted them like game.