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Re: On this matter of guilt re child sexual experiences

Yes, Paul, I agree wholeheartedly. The doctor is a great man, and a truly great spirit who deserves to be known all over the world whether he cares about that or not. If I had some way of promoting him, I would.

Re: On this matter of guilt re child sexual experiences

Personally I think a book would be a good idea!

1. It would bring the issue into a wider professional debate cirlce than an online forum.

2. This would be due to the fact that a published, peer reviewed book would garner more respect and attention from professonals.

3. I would also garner more respect I think from ordinary people like myself who have also been struggling with the issue in hand and give the kind of advice you give more wieght than on an online forum, which anyone could start up and pose as soemone else etc. That is not MY position on your site (though I would say I do have qualms due to the apparently - to my mind - random and arbitary selectivity in which posts you choose to reply to or not as in the cae of my own on page 1 of this forum for example, yet on other posts on the SAME topic, posted a month or 2 subsequent to mine - you HAVE replied) but it's a fact that in society, peer reviewed books published by a good publisher are simply respected more and deemed to have earned their credentials more than websites.

Re: On this matter of guilt re child sexual experiences

And it all happens because of these kind of headlines..

Or this..

Re: On this matter of guilt re child sexual experiences

Yes, good point, BloodyTears.

This demonizing of childhood sexuality is, I think, a direct result of the outrageous religious mania which has taken over in the US. European countries do not have this attitude and it shows in their social arrangements. But in the US, everyone is presumed guilty just for being sexual at all. This is fairly recent--the past twenty-five years or so. Before that, religion was more of a private matter. Now the entire mess is intertwined with politics and money. What an affliction all this morality (from a book!) is.