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Re: Interpretation.

That's what venting is at times. Incoherent rambling.

Re: Interpretation.

Oh, well, does any of that stuff hold any water?

I bring war to wimps

The Catalyst
Well yeah! But you don't need to be drowned in textual vomit just to get the point.

I didn't even bother reading it.. it was too long and unfun. Also you just know some fat kid like Hexi is going to read and analyze it anyway.

I'm only replying because I thought it was funny that someone wasted their time reading that abstract crap. Whoever wrote it obviously wants to die and as long as they cut the lawn first.. I completely accept them turning it over and killing themselves VIA lawnmower man style. Which was a great movie for it's time. Stephen King used to be interesting. I used to want to bury my dead cats in pet cemetery. That way they could come back evil and I could kill them again! J/K about the last part... well when referring to cats.

Anyway my rambling is more interesting than your lame conversation so when emo is done offing himself... why don't you jump into the lawnmower as well, Cattleyst.

Even Toby is more interesting than you. Seriously, sometimes I miss his contributions but then I see him and I'm like "ah he didn't give up!" but it's all like "yay the cat I kick in the corner for psychological XP is back!" I can't level up off him anymore but I admire his willpower to continue.

Or maybe I miss like minded individuals and wished we ruled the world. We can do it! I'm serious. I'm on the 2nd season of "Pinky and the Brain" and I'm telling you.. I feel it... they're gonna show us teh trix.