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Why I Love Doctor Robert

I have been a big fan of the doc since I found his website three or four years ago. I like the way he uses words, and there is always good information in his writing, but that is not why I love to visit his site. After all, there is a lot of information on the web, and some of the rest of it is well written too. No, what I love about the doc is the deep, deep kindness which underlies everything he says. Very rare to find.

Check out this beautiful answer to a young man in real pain.

Re: Why I Love Doctor Robert

Doug, you are right, and you don't know the half of it. I was in therapy once with Dr. Robert for a little less than two years. It was an amazing, enlightening experience. He is a great man with a great soul and a brilliant mind, and only a fraction of his deep wisdom comes across on his website. I have disguised myself here because I don't think he would approve of all this praise. In fact, I know he wouldn't. He always says he is just an ordinary person, but I have looked into his eyes, and I know better. I am glad he started his website and the forum because I think more people should hear his point of view.

Thanks, Doctor,

Re: Why I Love Doctor Robert

I agree so much! I wish I could meet him. I find him so inspirational. Dr. Phil reminds me a lot of him, except perhaps more traditional. But they both help so many people and are so wise, I really look up to them.

Re: Why I Love Doctor Robert

Yes. You can add my name to the fan club. I check his site out every day and always feel disappointed if there isn't a new letter. I have read all of them at least once, and some several times. Check out the latest ones about the woman abused by her gyno, and the guy who feels like a total failure. The doc is smart, funny, wise, and kind. At least if there is not anything new on the site I can come over here and laugh at the stuff people post on the forum.

Why I am on Team Robert

I have a poster of Dr. Robert, stud magnet, hanging on my ceiling above my bed. I have also erected a shrine in his honor. I light the candle in front of the small bust of his likeness on the shrine every day as a way of paying homage to him, my beloved, my precious.

Ok, all kidding aside, I can appreciate the intelligence and the insight that Dr. Robert has shown on his website and his generosity in hosting in this forum. He also provided me with an intelligent conversation a while back. As we all know, that can be hard to find on the internet.

Cheers Dr. Robert! Live long and prosper!

Re: Why I am on Team Robert

Thanks, Daniel. I enjoyed our dialog also, and also your take on "Why I Love Dr. Robert." Hopefully Team Robert will compete in the next World Cup.

Be well,

Re: Why I am on Team Robert

I don't know if I LOVE doctor robert,but I love what he wrote to Brodyn in the thread about does dr. robert make sense?

You go, doc!

Re: Why I Love Doctor Robert

Dr. Robert relieved me of many years of guilt over some early sexual experiences which were kinky and strange. He wrote back to me privately and personally and his words cleared my mind in a way that several tries at therapy had not been able to do. I love Doctor Robert because he gives help to everyone who needs it.