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Re: sociopathic pain

I hate ******s cause they steal, smell bad, and they're all rapists.

Now replace "******s" with "psychopaths" or "witches". Do you understand the fallacy?

Can I be in your neocon republican gang?! That way we can march around the middleeast butchering innocent people in the name of our republican superiority.

My whole life has been a lie told to me. I have suffered cruelties that I have no doubt would shatter your fragile existance and all the suffering I endured was inflicted... by your kind. Not a psychopath. So to me... you are the monster you fear and your ugly inside...

You'll never have revenge. Those who seek revenge are destroyed by themselves in an attempt to destroy others.


Re: sociopathic pain

You hate who? All I got was *****s...

Re: sociopathic pain

I can't say in English but....名はこなす。

It may come interesting for people to know but I don't believe in racisum. It has never made sense to me. I do believe in steriotypes but not literally. But racisum is the same fallacy as witch hunting, religious prosecution, closedminded think... It's all the same and it's all a strong aspect of having emotional minds. Emotion often drifts away from logic and reason. Crimes of passion ect.