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Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

Thanks everyone for your answers and thank you Dan & Toby for your book suggestions,I now need to know somewhere to buy them on the web.

They're on Amazon for around $5. :)

Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion
Sam Harris, The End of Faith

Toby, that whole subject is one of my many interests, but it's scary once you find out how easily you can be controlled, don't you think?

True, but the more you find out about it, the more you'll be able to tell when someones manipulating you. It's the same with health problems, I know I will always worry because I'm a hypochondriac, but it's better to be aware are worry, than to be ignorant and not. In my opinion, anyway.

EDIT: Are you and ~ the same people? It's fine, I just get confused when people change their name. :)

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

toby you are a christian and believe in "god" so why dont you condemn people when they dont believe in "god".

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

Why don't I condemn them?
What gives me the right to do that?
I can't condemn the for not believing in God or for there religious beliefs, just as they can't condemn me for mine.

I understand there always will be Atheists who don't respect us or "condemn" us, and vice versa, but that's got to change as it doesn't do anyone any good.

Obviously you can't try and tell them that because if you do you'll be condemned to a fiery pit, where you'll be burned forever by a red man with horns.

Don't you just love their version of 'free will'?
It's basically, "you're free to do whatever you wish, but if you don't do as I say you'll burn."

PS: I like your use of "god".

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

Learning means nothing without comprehension, Toby.

You're derailing this thread by letting psycho1 lead you off subject in conversation. Lead you astray yet you claim some wisdom.

The piper leading the rat.


Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

Nah, I was just answering his question. :)

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

im is THINKING that maybe psychology not ART or SCIENCE because art is like PAINTINGS and also you canot PROVED psychology so it not CAN be science too.

maybe it be like RELIGION you can learns from it WISDOM or not learn FROM it but you should learned from it too. but it doesnt have God or supernatural thing so i not sure... they does have sometimes spiritual leader when you DOES thinking about it who does SAYS what is right and what not and then people does listening..


Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?


I think you should read what Doctor Robert had to say about this, and then answer again. I would be interested to see what you have to say.

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

I finally found the image I was talking about... It was in the "on religion" section.

Doesn't this perfectly sum up the atttiudes of many Christians?

I just thought I would add it, visual aids are so helpful. :)

EDIT: I didn't mean this to go in the Art or Science post.... ah well.

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

That cartoon is perfect, Toby. It pretty much sums up the whole thing.

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

Is psychology an art, or a science? Thanks in advance.

I just read the good doctor’s response to this question. I agreed with the thrust of it. I think it has to be both an art and a science also, especially from the individual psychologist’s/psychotherapist’s point of view. I suppose if by psychology we were talking about large groups and populations, then a scientific approach (as in, a rigorous and methodical approach with a view towards making accurate predictions and finding reproducible results, etc) might be more warranted. If, on the other hand, we are talking about the individual, a subtle and perhaps more intuitive approach might be in order. It’s also helpful to consider that the reasons for studying the psychology of large populations often differ from the therapeutic goals that motivate a mental health professional in the field. Missing these distinctions is one way people so easily confuse themselves when it comes to understanding psychological issues. It is one thing to talk about generalities that may or may not be backed by statistics, sound theory, an up to date neurological understanding and so on. It is often another thing to bridge the gap from what we learn studying general populations to the individual sitting right in front of you. Perhaps the latter is part of where the art comes into play…

Re: Psychology --- Art or Science?

I think that's right, Daniel. Statistics can apply to large populations, but cannot help in understanding an individual person. Everyone is different on the individual level. That's why it makes no real sense to generalize about psychopaths and what "they" are like. There really is no "they," only various individuals.

Thanks to Dr. R. for making this Forum available. I like it here.