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Re: Punishment for masturbation?

Thank you everyone for your responses. So it's normal for a child of that age? And there are no health risks?

Yes it's perfectly normal and no, there are no health risks. Just talk to him about it and let him know that it's normal. Kids get all sorts of crazy ideas in their heads if parents don't explain things to them as they are.

Re: Punishment for masturbation?

Well he played with his penis and it felt good. Let him know thats something frowned upon in public and must be done in the confines of that bathroom, shower or his bedroom. Also you need to buy him some baby wipes.

When he gets older teach him to masterbate into condoms. That way he'll get good at putting condoms on and probably won't get a girl pregnant because of his excellent masterbation experience. This paragraph was a joke. 


Re: Punishment for masturbation?

Also you need to buy him some baby wipes.

For an 8 year old? :P

Re: Punishment for masturbation?

Use the search box above to check out the doc's website for anything on masturbation. You really need to get your head straight on this.

Re: Punishment for masturbation?

ricardo ganas
You really need to get your head straight on this.

Not funny, not funny at all. She is a honestly concerned mother who is looking for advice on a serious question about her son. There is no need to be rude.

Re: Punishment for masturbation?

Why would you even think of punishing your son for that? It's his private business, not yours.