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Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

I dont have type 2 Diabetes, I have type 1. Type 1 isn't caused by eating, or being overweight. It's your body atacking itself, it's worse than type 2. I miss lots of sugar. :-(
It's estimated I will die before I'm 55. I try not to think about it, If I show I'm worried to anyone close to me, they will just worry that I'm worrying. :D
I've got to have 4 injections into my leg a day, Or my blood sugar will drop too low - and I will eventually die. LOL

You don't cry at funerals? That's fine, Dont pretend. Just try not to point and laugh at the casket. :D

Born "special"? Sorry, you're no more special than me, or anyone else. It's pointless arguing that Empaths are superior, it's just not true, noone is superior or "special".

You infected me with "Kindness"? It worked, I don't care, I would've gotten to where I am anyway regardless of how you treated me. You just sped it up, Thanks.
So basically, "Kindness attack" insinuates that even on here you are lying, not being your true self. Tell people to **** off again, 'twas fun.

Re: Soldiers VS Warriors

Heh no.

There would be no point in lying.

You and your misguided thoughts remind me of someone named David. I hated David!!!! LOL love the joker. He was such a good twisted psychopath.