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Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Pheonix Metropolitan Area.
Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale.

Thanks. :-)

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

We are like old women sitting around talking about nothing.

This sucks.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

It truly does.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

James, if that's your real name, I somehow doubt it is.....
Do you live alone?
What the **** is your name? First name?
Or if you dont like that question - How old are you? Thats better.... =)

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I'm not much for identifying information.

I'm James Bond!

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Yeah, but he always said 'The names Bond, James Bond'.
And you, so far, haven't revealed that info! :D

See, you can appreciate something British!

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Britain and all of Europe have a huge ash cloud from a volcano that erupted in Iceland govering over us, all of Britain is a no-fly zone. It made me laugh hearing about the 50,000 Americans stuck here, too cheap to book one of our hotels.... No, we don't do ******* "motels"! :D