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Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I made you bleed. You knew what I was doing and tried firing back but it didn't work.

I win! :-p

But tell us more about your life, Toby.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Yeh Toby, tell us!
Here are some questions that you can answer :P

- What nationality are your ancestors?
- Where do you work?
- Where have you previosuly worked?
- What languages do you speak?
- What house do you live in?
- Are you rich? :P
- Whens your birthday?
- Are your parents still alive?
- How many brothers and sister do you have?

Lots and lots of questions for you to enjoy....

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

You got me WhiteWolf - :P

Jamie - Those are all really, really wierd questions, but as you ask here goes.....

My ancestors? British and German.
I work at Tesco (Its much like Wal-Mart) I am an account finance manager and make £60,000 thats $91,554.

I have previosly worked with the Ministry of Defence, as a part of the 'Guard Service'.

Only English. But some GCSE German.

I live in a 3 bedroomed house, the 3rd room being pointless as my children share a room and won't move into it. We haven't even turned it into a guest room or gym or something; it's just plain white...
Am I rich? No. I would very much like to have some extra money though.

23rd May LOL

They are still alive, yes.

4 Sisters, 1 Brother.

PS. What kind of question is "Are you rich"? LOL

If I was rich, I wouldn't have to wait 2 Months to get a new laptop when I spilled water in the keyboard. LOL

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

You make $90,000!? Niiice

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

It's not a very exciting job, but it pays well.
What's your job Jamie? And yours Whitewolf? :D

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I'd like to be a bartender but I specialize in network security. So basicly I just fix computers and related hardware. You break stuff. I fix it.

Telling you more personal info like you shared would be a violation of my security protocol.

I've noticed many men are softened in their male development if they gave strong female influences.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I wouldn't give away anything too personal... like my address, or age, or surname....

But he went to the trouble of asking those questions, the least I could do was give an honest answer. :-)

Are you saying that I was given a strong "female influence"? :P

Your security protocol? You have spent to much time with computers.... LOL

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Whitewolf... What state do you live in??? I am curious, It wont help me identify you even if I wanted to.... :D

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I am calm and enjoy my days and nights. Not upset by the world around me. I'm antisocial. I can just become introvertive when I need to escape negative enviornments.

So my thoughts are calm and crystal clear... if I'm being serious. But usually.. I'm toting with you. Especially if I think you're toyong with me.

Toby, you overweight slacker!

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I enjoy my nights especially.
It's the bacons fault I'm fat. :-)

"Toting" - "Toyong"? I assume they mean "toying".
Are you stoned? :D

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Actually.. yeah.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Really? LOL
I used to smoke cannabis when I was 17...
If you're serious, don't you find it makes your body feel... stiff? and your nose all stuffy and crap?
I'm taking you saying you're stoned seriously... LOL
How much do you get it for over there?

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

It doesn't make me feel weird. It just relaxes me. Lowers my tension levels and allows me to relax.

It's cheap cheap.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

That's Ok, I personally think it should be legalized, noone agrees with me, but its the least dangerous drug in the UK. Alcohol, Tobacco etc cause more deaths.

Do you live in Arizona? :-)

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

There can't be anyother deserts?

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

LOL :-)
So, Do you? :D

If you do I have a theory of where in Arizona... It's just a theory....

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Valley of the sun it is.

Are you jealous of my great weather? You should be. LOL

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

So you live in Arizona? - What's the town called?
Is it in Phoenix?

Or is it Tucson? :D That's me theory Tucson.... Correct?...

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I told you. I live in the valley of the sun.

What's the town called... LOL. My city is bigger than most of your combined. Also in the US we have 3 main time zones.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

The valley of the sun means nothing to me! :P

Jealous of your weather? Yeah, I love malignant melanomas... XD
It's not bigger than England itself... HA!

If you tell me I will give you nothing... tempting?

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I told you twice. It's not my fault English people lack the ability to surf the Internet and find out.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Pheonix Metropolitan Area.
Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale.

Thanks. :-)

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

We are like old women sitting around talking about nothing.

This sucks.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

It truly does.

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

James, if that's your real name, I somehow doubt it is.....
Do you live alone?
What the **** is your name? First name?
Or if you dont like that question - How old are you? Thats better.... =)

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

I'm not much for identifying information.

I'm James Bond!

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Yeah, but he always said 'The names Bond, James Bond'.
And you, so far, haven't revealed that info! :D

See, you can appreciate something British!

Re: Toby - Whats your story? :-)

Britain and all of Europe have a huge ash cloud from a volcano that erupted in Iceland govering over us, all of Britain is a no-fly zone. It made me laugh hearing about the 50,000 Americans stuck here, too cheap to book one of our hotels.... No, we don't do ******* "motels"! :D