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Thanks to the help of a very kind Cajun amigo, the Dr. Robert Forum is back, better than ever, at:

I look forward to seeing you all there.

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Re: Dr Robert

Unless telling the truth is in violation of the code of ethics.

The truth is probably too hard for him to handle, he's obviously paranoid.

Re: Dr Robert

Wow, talk about being petty and resentful. You got whitewolf out of your little ego-centric website and thats cool, it's the webmasters right to choose, for whatever reason, who posts there but coming to another website and make idle threats (lol internet lawyers) is just idiotic. Go back to mytherapy and feel good about yourself and leave others to what they want on other sites.

You want some real threats? I've left my days of terrorizing websites behind me but people like you, saffy, make me want to get back into it.

Re: Dr Robert

I've WhiteWolf so chose, he could easily get back; it's not hard to change your IP Address.
I'm probably just worsening his paranoia, Oh well. :-)

Saffy, Defamation of Character? Really?
If you want to take out legal proceedings against an individual on a forum in another country, who's name, location and age you do not know, the feel free. But you know, It's gonna cost you. LOL