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I'm angry.

I can't stand interacting with humans, they anger me to no end. I just can't stand idiots. I don't want to though, is there any right way to deal with?

Re: I'm angry.

I treat most pople like chlidren, it has helped me.

Re: I'm angry.

If only the world's people were more like children; the world would be a better place.

Re: I'm angry.

They are, near exactly like children. They have limited mental capabilities, they think they're adults and they don't seem to learn from their mistakes.

Re: I'm angry.

Who do you mean "they"?
Please don't tell me your another one of those people.
Yes, correct, many people don't appear to be able to learn from their mistakes, that doesn't mean that holds true of all "humans". Exactly the same with psychopaths.

Your four uses of "they" made me smile.

Re: I'm angry.

I just go incoherent and change my perception of the world. Once you sedate yourself... it's not so bad. But they are painful to deal with at times.