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Re: Dr Robert

I'd like to add that as the owner of this website, you are responsible for what is published here. Since I have reported this defamation of character to you, you will not be able to use innocence as a defence if this libel continues.

Re: Dr Robert

That's not the real Dr. Phil?
No wonder he sounded so stupid. I knew he couldn't be a real doctor.

Whoever it is needs to stop - It's not funny,it's just proof that some people's lives are so pathetic they need to take over someone elses identity and use that to insult others.

Saffy, how did you know it wasn't the real doctor?
Good catch by the way, sorry for not believing you at first. :-)

Re: Dr Robert

I'd like to add that as the owner of this website, you are responsible for what is published here. Since I have reported this defamation of character to you, you will not be able to use innocence as a defence if this libel continues.


Using pathetic threats and claiming to be a snitch. Then try to act authoritive. You hve any conception of how international law works?! A Canadian can't sue an American simply because he finds what is said to be offensive. Especially if it is said on an Internet forum. Thats not how defamation of character works in the US.

Larry Flint made an advertisement depicting Jerry Fallwell as someone who sleeps with his own mother. And even that defamation of character was thrown out of court. So to think anyone is going to actually waste their time with you is laughable.

Toby, this is the same person who said I was you. She's just throwing out crap cause she's upset that nobody cares. Can't stand it when cowards try to threaten me. It's so annoying. It's like I just want to tell that **** off. No one cares about your shallow threats.

Re: Dr Robert

I didn't realise that.
Saffy, if someone is impersonating Dr. Phil, that doesn't constitute "Defamation of Charachter".
No-one publicly insulted or slandered falsely, Dr Phil.

It may consitute Libel, if the impersonator was to lie or make false claims about the person being impersonated.
Well, In British Law.
Now, psychology, perhaps :-)

Re: Dr Robert

Saffy, (if you are Saffy, and how would I know if you are or aren't, or who the hell "Saffy" is anyway)--

Are you some kind of idiot? I have no control over what is written here. The protocol for this forum is totally open. Anyone may post here using whatever name or names he or she likes, and I have no way of knowing anything about it.

By the way:

1) you are incorrect legally, and
2) I dislike your tone, so don't come back.


Re: Dr Robert

That is the problem "Dr Robert", you have no control here. I don't even know if it is you who has responded to me. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that the real Dr Robert Saltzman wouldn't ask a complete stranger if he is an idiot. Or take such an inane stance on this issue.

Legally, I have to concede that White wolf might be correct in saying that a Canadian citizen may not be able to take legal action for libel against an American. I'm not sure of the laws regarding that. But I am sure that what has happened here in this forum is defamation of character or libel.

Legallities aside, I believe it is irresponsible to run a forum like this, connected to mental health, which is so obviously uncontrollable.

This forum is a breeding ground for trouble as it can't be moderated. Yes anyone can say anything they like, under any name, or under as many names as they wish.

People will get hurt here.

Re: Dr Robert

First you lied and told people I was Dr Long. Then you used equally useless threats of legal prosecution (I loled). Now you're using fear tactics?

Want to know why I am hated? Because people try to control every aspect of their little worlds and when they conflict with me... I show them how little control they really have. I show them how petty they really are. I show them the truth they don't want to see.

You're being an ugly little person... trying to control someone elses world no less. Go back to your village.

Re: Dr Robert

This has nothing to do with you WhiteWolf. This has to do with Dr Robert Salzman and his website and the attached forum. I know you can't help yourself, so
you (and your opinions) are insignificant in this issue.

Re: Dr Robert

Well I have a pretty good idea who you are Saffy. Funny you should mention assumed names.Considering that you have posted here, I am positive, before in another name. Ha, I even know it. It's cool I won't sell ya out. All though I really would like too. What was it exactly Whitewolf did to you personally? Ya know, I scanned every thing Whitewolf wrote and also what he wrote under his alias name on My therapy. For the life of me I couldn't see what he did that violated any code of ethics. Unless telling the truth is in violation of the code of ethics. It should also be written that its a violation of the code of ethics to hurt one of Dr. Phil's favy's feelings. You will certainly be banned. That's what happened to me. Wow ,no weighing the situation out, no fair judgment. No taking in to consideration all that is said. Just boom, your gone. A therapy website that finds alienation, and rejection therapeutic. That website only protects a few and to hell with the rest.

I wondered how long it would take for the My Therapy people to get bored and try to stir up more controversy. Nice, Nice only goes so far doesn't it? Telling everyone what they want to hear to make your self feel better isn't exactly helping the person hearing it is it? Some people's self esteem on that place is so low that they would sell out a friend just for that boost in ego. Easier to like that friend better too isn't it? But are they really being your friend. Well that's for you to decide. From the looks of things it's not really working out is it?

Funny (hachoo, forgive me I sneezed) Your statement about Dr. Robert not having any control here. Lol.
Well I think the statement should be. YOU have no control here. Isn't that a bit closer to the truth. And how about that, your minion doesn't either.

Well anyway I am just stopping by to say Hello to my friend Whitewolf. Hey, Thanks for everything. I Can see you are still alive and kicking. Good to know!! Chow.

Re: Dr Robert

You speak as though you know me Kharma, well you don't. This has nothing to do with you either.

Having looked at Mytherapy, I see that there is indeed a code of ethics protecting its members, this seems to be the norm in most mental health communities, and that is a responsible way of conducting a forum.

Re: Dr Robert

Hey Karma.

Its nice to see a friendly personality. All these angry control freaks... it's sad. But I want to guess who you are. Maybe email me a hint? I had some warm friends their I eventually lost touch with. I should just say hello to them but I don't.. it's an odd problem.

Towards the end I think Cboo either felt I betrayed her by not talking to her anymore or she was jealous Nadia and I got along. So when she betrayed me... I just never knew why. Why does your friend knife you in the back? I didn't expect better from her. You can't expect much from these people.

I never got to talk to wolfinlied. A female psychopath... but there was another cool personality I knew that got kicked for unpampered opinions. Or was it unpopular? Something stupid. I forgot her name but we emailed some.

All I ever tried to do was help people understand the mind of a psychopath. To give them the closure they would otherwise never recieve. I thought it was a noble thing to do. I helped people. Then others came with their torches demanding an end to this pageon ritual.

Thats how all good things end though isn't it? The Mians had the ultimate astrological calander. But all their text were destroyed by the Spanish because the Spanish didn't understand what they had in their hands. All they saw was a pageon religion and destroyed all the text they could. The knowledge from those texts could have unlocked what has taken us 100s of years to understand.

Re: Dr Robert

Unless telling the truth is in violation of the code of ethics.

The truth is probably too hard for him to handle, he's obviously paranoid.

Re: Dr Robert

Wow, talk about being petty and resentful. You got whitewolf out of your little ego-centric website and thats cool, it's the webmasters right to choose, for whatever reason, who posts there but coming to another website and make idle threats (lol internet lawyers) is just idiotic. Go back to mytherapy and feel good about yourself and leave others to what they want on other sites.

You want some real threats? I've left my days of terrorizing websites behind me but people like you, saffy, make me want to get back into it.

Re: Dr Robert

I've WhiteWolf so chose, he could easily get back; it's not hard to change your IP Address.
I'm probably just worsening his paranoia, Oh well. :-)

Saffy, Defamation of Character? Really?
If you want to take out legal proceedings against an individual on a forum in another country, who's name, location and age you do not know, the feel free. But you know, It's gonna cost you. LOL