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Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

Dr Lega. LOL

I'm glad to see you have a fun sense of humor. :-)

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

My real opinion...?
If you have an opinion, and you know it's going to insult many people, then keep it to yourself.
No, I did'nt mean you, But obviously you are sane. :)

I don't know if that is the real Dr. Long from MyTherapy, It might just be someone messing with us for a laugh or something.
If it is.... Then what kind of doctor hates his patients? LOL

I don't think he's insane, just odd.

Dr. Lega... LOL

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

I... am not Whitewolf.
Dr Phil Long... is not Whitewolf.
You... are not Whitewolf.

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

You've all been had LOL. WhiteWolf is signing in as multiple personalities, including Dr Phil Long. I can't believe you lot fell for it.

I'm you and everyone has a bit of me in their heads.

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

If that's true, "I knew it!", and, It doesn't matter. If not, it doesn't matter.