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Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

I am not Whitewolf! Jesus!
How sad do you think Whitewolf is? He's not going to waste his time having a week long argument.... with himself!
This forum is full of strange, strange, people.
Why are only 2 people on this forum actually sane!
im is SANE you does meaning ME and YOU or? but i THINK it be rude to say not enyone else SANE because all PEOPLES in diferent if you DOES says one person NOT SANE then maybe you NOT SANE in his VIEW. and you DOCTOR there im DOSENT think enyone is be EVIL and also SOCIOPATH doesnt really exist it only be people who DOES thinking it does because they is UNSURE and think they doesnt knows but does and maybe even feels. also im is THINK all people is good in HEART and DEEP. IM is also thinking this DOESNT be your real opinion why you DOES say this? im is try FINDING reasons in peoples HEARTS. and dont CALLS dr. Long names because he is probably RESPECTED man and does his DUTY and does goes to churches and also is probably GOOD inside. like other people he DOES has opinion he can SAY too if you just calls HIM dumb for have HIS opinions for SAYING his opinions that someone ELSE opinion is dumb then that mean you does do same thing.

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

Dr Lega. LOL

I'm glad to see you have a fun sense of humor. :-)

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

My real opinion...?
If you have an opinion, and you know it's going to insult many people, then keep it to yourself.
No, I did'nt mean you, But obviously you are sane. :)

I don't know if that is the real Dr. Long from MyTherapy, It might just be someone messing with us for a laugh or something.
If it is.... Then what kind of doctor hates his patients? LOL

I don't think he's insane, just odd.

Dr. Lega... LOL

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

I... am not Whitewolf.
Dr Phil Long... is not Whitewolf.
You... are not Whitewolf.

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

You've all been had LOL. WhiteWolf is signing in as multiple personalities, including Dr Phil Long. I can't believe you lot fell for it.

I'm you and everyone has a bit of me in their heads.

Re: Mr. "Whitewolf" -

If that's true, "I knew it!", and, It doesn't matter. If not, it doesn't matter.