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penis and testis distortion


I am a 26 years old male. I started ************ since I was 13. I ********** at least 3 times a day. By the time, my penis and testis became very small and the penis circumference became too .Moreover, I have a sever pain in my testis and lower part of my back and lower limbs joints. Moreover, my sleep hours decreased from 10 hours a day to 6 hours. I still have sex power but because of pain and fatigue I have after ejaculation prevent me from, when I do a small physical effort, my heart starts to beat in high rate and I feel that I am close to die. Please I need your help Dr. Robert

Tell me what should I do

Re: penis and testis distortion

Hey, Hani.
This forum isn't for questions to Dr. Robert.
To ask him a question go to his website and email him directly.

This sounds like something serious, I would go to your GP/Doctor.
And also, this is a psychology related forum.... Yeh....

Re: penis and testis distortion


can you give me the doctor email.

I can't send him email from the website.

I really need his advise


Re: penis and testis distortion

His email is:
Dr.Robert.Saltzman "at"
But he is not a medical doctor, he is a psychotherapist, but if you want to email him, be my guest. :-)