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Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

Before I visited this site when I thought of 'psychopath' I thought of hannibal lector, but thankfully, such charachter do not really exist. But I soon learned I was wrong, I learned not to display such a knee-jerk moral condemnation towards psychopaths, But that's OK, people aren't to blame for feeling a certain way. (If you feel you are, enjoy that infinite regress, because you're to blame for blaming yourself, ad infinitum.)

Obviously with psychopaths they have no conscience, so they must be inherently evil, regardless of how they act. Oh really!? Because right now, all of the people reading this could be sending money to starving children in Africa, it wouldn't be much effort, the cost would be minimal. It would mean the world to that poor child - Are you? NO!
When it really, really gets down to it, do most people really care about that child? NO! And if you claim that you do, I hope you're sending money (Pick the charity very well) instead of just spending it on a tenth of a pint down at the pub....

There is nothing more society would love than to point the finger of blame at psychopaths and say: Look! Look at this! This proves they're all criminals! Ok, you could apply the same theory to Black Males. I believe that collective punishment, by demographic, is completely unfair, and completely unjustified.

But one thing though, A self-diagnosed psychopath, Sam Vaknin, claims that psychopaths have 1 of two choices - A decieve others and feign emotions or
B - Be honest about yourself

He says if you choose A - Then "I dont care" as a response of a relative dying wont go down to well.
He says if you choose B - You're living a complete lie.
Im assuming most people have seen the problem? No?

My secret option C - Instead of faking emotions and instead of being brutally honest, that the response to a friends relative dying should be "I'm sorry" and A Hug etc... That way you are being honest and not "faking" complete emotions or pretending to have them. And everyone's happy, Right?

You may now read through this and scrutinise and point out the inconsistencies ETC in every last bit!

Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

I don't think psychopaths deserve to be defended from harsh critisicm. What gives psychopaths the right to be able to scare my users, insult my intelligence and then be sheltered by you?


Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

Doctor, what world are you in?

There is a difference between harsh critisicm and calling them "evil". You don't know who you are labelling "evil", you've never met them. So, they're being called "evil" regardless of how they act or their day-to-day decisions.

"Sheltered"? Are you serious? I'm not sheltering anybody, I am simply pointing out the obvious.

It's fun arguing with a Doctor, knowing full well that the reply I'm going to get will appear as if coming from an infant.

Why don't you just leave here? I don't exactly get what you're trying to achieve here?

Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

Phil Long MD.
I don't think psychopaths deserve to be defended from harsh critisicm. What gives psychopaths the right to be able to scare my users, insult my intelligence and then be sheltered by you?

I don't understand the motive for your posts on the forum, Doctor Long. First you say that Dr. Robert should ban Whitewolf from this forum. Why? Whitewolf has done nothing wrong here. He has a right to his opinions and his point of view. Is his opinion or p.o.v. "worse" than yours? If so, how? And why would you, a psychiatrist, be so hateful towards psychopaths? Dr. Robert makes every attempt to try to understand psychopathy as a normal human personality variant, while you, who should know better, do nothing but demonize an entire group of people who are they way the are because they were born that way. No one chooses to be psychopathic, Dr. Long.

I believe that you yourself are frightened by psychopaths which is why you say Whitewolf has no right to scare your forum visitors. It is you who is scared and you are trying to get Dr. Robert to ban Whitewolf because you believe that if Whitewolf gets to speak anywhere that threatens you.

What kind of a doctor are you anyway? A surgeon who is afraid of blood is in the wrong line of work. A shrink who is afraid of a psychopath is also in the wrong line of work.

By the way, I visited your website. I won't visit again. I suggest you check out not just this forum which you hate so much because Whitewolf and Hexi are allowed to post here, but Dr. Robert's website. There you may be able to read the words of a real doctor who is not afraid of the people he treats.

Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

What has any psychopath actaully done on here, besides being completely honest about who they are?

I believe that you yourself are frightened by psychopaths

Doug, you're right. He says, apparently, on his website that he himself has been the victim of a psychopath.

Dr Robert tell psychopaths that they can still lead good, forfilling lives. And you condemn them for something they have limited control over, and couldn't change it if they wanted.
Your point on here was to "warn" Whitewolf, you've done that. Why are you still here?
You obviously aren't welcome.

Unliked on yours, people posting on this forum are not condemned and banned for their mental state. I'm still pretty sure that's illegal anyways.

Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

As I said in another thread, WhiteWolf is using multiple personalities to post here. Dr Phil Long is one, Toby is another, and there are more.

Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

It really is amazing the power people surrender to me.

I think the reason I don't get paranoid is because I consider the consequences. If I'm wrong it's just Hexi or Daniel toying with me. It would also restore Dr Longs image in my eyes. Seriously people... I really just can't believe how small he is.

Anyway you're wrong Saffy.

Re: Psychopaths - Not Evil :-)

Saffy, I am not Whitewolf.
Everyone on this forum it seems except me, Whitewolf, Hexi and Ecce Homo, is paranoid.
Whitewolf may be a psychopath, but he's not an idiot. He wouldn't have an argument with himself.

Dr. Long is pathetic.