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Teenagers MySpace Comments

Hello, Huge dilemma here. I have a friend, single mom teenage daughter 15 years old. I recently viewed her myspace and the opening paragraph said" at my moms work again today. If I had a knife I would cut that bitcjhes throat", no mention of any other name in that paragraph. I called the mom expressed my concern that she was troubled, the mom had the daughter e-mail me say she was talking about someone else and that teenagers talk like that. I let it go, but, in other messages she typed, she said , referring to herself.... funny I lok so good on the outside, yet am so broken inside. Also told me that when she gets a car from her father she will leave in the night, she has a plan. Am I wrong to be concerned? Should I stay out of her business? I worry about teens these days, Warmly Alexander


Re: Teenagers MySpace Comments

People say all sorts of crap. It's not what someone says it's what they do. Teenagers just talk that way so it can be decieving. Is the girl really violent? Besides what she says does she do anything that is adnormal?

Why are you on myspace anyway? Adults use facebook. Myspace is more for teenagers and if you don't understand how they interact and their lingo it is misleading.

Congratulations you are officially old and disconnected.

Website: Mytherepy. Google it!

Re: Teenagers MySpace Comments

Actually, both MySpace and Facebook are for kids and becoming passe. Now, it's Twitter. All of it is a bore. :)