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Is there a condition for the opposite of a sociopath?

There is a guy I know- a friend of my brother- who is, simply put, the polar opposite of a sociopath. At first I just thought he was nice. But as I got to know him better, it got more and more intense. It became obvious relatively quickly that something was different about him (I don't want to say "wrong with him" because I hardly consider it a bad thing, but... it's kind of like that).

He has never once tried to make people think he was smarter than he was; he doesn't have a distorted view of himself (in favor of himself, anyway); he feels guilt about things that are not his fault and sympathizes with everyone he can, even if he can't empathize (which he does, most of the time); he hates lying to the point that he almost can't; he doesn't manipulate people; he has emotions; he's never impulsive and often takes a long time to make up his mind because he wants to make the right choice; he has very controlled behavior and doesn't do anything that would ever put him or others in danger; he' responsible; he's never had trouble with authorities.

It seems, at first, like he is merely a nice person, but there's just something about him (you'd have to meet him to truly grasp the scope of it) that is special. It goes beyond the realm of being a nice person. I know plenty of nice people, but this guy is the epitome of selflessness. Everything he says and does is selfless. His entire though process, even, is centered around helping other people.

Sociopaths are entirely concerned with themselves. They do whatever they want to, regardless of consequences, because they can. A sociopath is like an ego ruled entirely by the Id. But this guy is the opposite- he is ruled entirely by his superego. I don't even know if he has an Id. He is... absolutely unlike anything I have ever seen before. It goes beyond just being a nice person. He really is the perfect opposite of a sociopath.

Is there a condition for this? Or is he just... really, really special?

Re: Is there a condition for the opposite of a sociopath?

Obviously nothing is wrong with him or he's just really good at fooling you. Only way to tell is to **** him off. Do everything you can to make him mad and if nothing works.. Get away from him! I've seen those people who seem really nice and never get upset. They're the ones that snap one day and kill everyone due to implosion.

Btw sociopaths have emotions. We just lack remorse. If you met me you would never guess I was sociopath. We aren't all monsters bent on destroying other people. I was just born without remorse.

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