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Sensitive Question

Hello Dr. Saltzman,

My name is Kristin, I'm a 24 year old young lady from New York City. Ever since I can remember I have always been very sensitive to what people say to me. If someone close makes a rude comment rather than just just ignoring the comment or supressing my feelings, I cry, alot. No matter how many times I have tried to be strong and hold in the tears nothing works, in fact it just makes them flow out even harder. And I understand that everyone cries when someone hurts them, but they don't cry all the time. I have been told by friends and family that its just because I fall in the Cancer zodiac sign and its in my nature to be sensitive to things around me but I can't accept that I should just live like this the rest of my life. No one wants to be with someone who cries over spilled milk. Please advise me if you will. I would greatly appreciate anything you have to offer.

Thank you for your time doctor,